Release du jour.

Rookies 185 (!Rook185) Concludes volume 19. We should be starting on v20 soon. Also, I made a volume pack of v19. (!Rook19)

Sidonia 11 (!Sido11) Chapter 11. Volume 4 goes for sale later this month.

Will be busy for the next week or so because of real life shit. So if you PM me on the forums, I might be slow to reply. Sorry.

14 Thoughts to “Release du jour.”

  1. amy

    Thanks for the update! Please give us some fmp soon too! ;-;

  2. m

    Thanks for Sidonia and Sigma! Keep up the good work!

  3. Imari Kurumi

    thx for chap 11 bro… love the website rofl…

  4. Nitouryu

    What iz thiz? A silly girl spinning in the loop, I don't understand..

  5. me

    Pff FMP Sigma will never continue since there are about 3 staff app for editors for over a month and u never reply. :crazy:

  6. Del

    So there is still a lack of editors for FMP sigma?

  7. Avatar

    Let's hope that is just misunderstanding because Im not waiting Forever and if I decide to quit again it's for good this time 🙁

  8. Moki

    @Avatar Thanks for all your hard work; I greatly enjoy reading your translations. It will be disappointing if you stopped but understandable. Best of luck.

  9. me

    Lack of editors because applications are never looked on.

  10. Deus_Gear

    I talked to dark on irc and he is taking over applications for that from ggpx. So you should be contacted shortly, otherwise drop a message on irc. Thanks.

  11. Meee

    Thanks for Sidonia, you guys are doing a tremendous job.

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