Just some random information;

No release today, but some information some of you would be interested in:


Received it today and scanned it. Unfortunately I can’t upload the raws for the team because I don’t have any spare bandwidth to use up.

Second thing; Some people have applied on the forums. Sorry I haven’t replied very fast. I haven’t been around the comp all that much in the last few days (Not being able to download or do much with the internet kinda makes your comp kinda… boring.), I’ll take care of the people who posted tonight.

Third thing is, our translator for FMP Sigma, Avatar, posted this on the forums a week ago:

Hey ppl,

Just a quick update from the translator. (me)

Translation for Vol 9 is practically ready to go already…..
unfortunately we have still not finished releasing Vol 8 yet.  (I did vol 8 over 2 months ago)

The fact is, I could comfortably complete translations for ALL VOLUMES by end of this year if it wasn’t for the fact that releases are soooooo slow.
If there are fans/ppl out there that are willing to help out (esp EDITORS),
pls come forward…. it’ll certainly speed up the releases.

At the rate things are going, I may start to lose interest “again” or permanently hang up my translation activities after FMP.


tl;dr – We need help on the series. If we do get help on the series, then it is a realistic possibility that we could catch up (or be very close to catching up) to the series by the end of the year. Otherwise, he just might get tired of waiting and just give up translating altogether.

Fourth, if anyone of you is from Latvia and knows a certain man called “Nitouryu” (Not his real name), or even better, knows his boss (name unknown), tell him to come on IRC and to talk with me more often because I’m getting lonely. That and the fact that I’d like him to clean more stuff for me. But then again, I’m extremely selfish.

So yeah, that’s about it.

4 Thoughts to “Just some random information;”

  1. qwert

    I would like to say thanks to avatar for all the work he's done in translating FMP. In addition, I was wondering how much work an editor is responsible for?

  2. GGpX

    @qwert Sorry for the late reply, the editor is responsible for cleaning up the page. This is a very small gist of it: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/8083/scanlationstepsfinal.jpg

  3. Henk

    I'm a editor :laughing: and I want to help ! But I have no idea how to reach you 😛 gimme a mail if you would like my help.

  4. qwert

    Well, it looks like you've found a qualified editor. Good luck on future releases 🙂

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