Christmas eve…

It’s Christmas eve, metaphorically.

In the way that, this is our last release before the 25th; Christmas day. For two more weeks.

Not that it’s actually Christmas eve right now.

Here’s the thing. We haven’t had a new peak in #illuminati-manga in a long while. It was when we were actively releasing chapters of HSDK (What a fucking awful time that was) and boatloads of people came to download. So what we’re gonna do is the more people come on IRC, the more we release. If we don’t get the amount of people we want, we’ll release a batch of stuff every ~2 or so hours. Break the previous peak, I’ll release more. 300, same. 400, if we get there, same. If we get to 500 in some weird way, I’ll just release everything we have and that’ll be it.

So be happy, enjoy your chapters and see you on IRC.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 34 – !Sigma34

Holyland 97 – !Holy97

See you on the 25th.

19 Thoughts to “Christmas eve…”

  1. Lyca

    WOOT new holyland ^o^ thnx so much

  2. Darknova

    heh, holding our Scanlations hostage eh?

  3. Des

    Thanks for FMP Sigma

  4. j.c.

    Thank you for your hard work on this new chapter of Full Metal Panic Sigma!! 😀

  5. Dsaerg

    Thanks for Holyland 😀

  6. maxcmoi

    Thanks a lot for holyland :w00t:

  7. anon

    Thanks for holyland looks like this arc will be interesting.

  8. UnholyGoat

    thx for holyland

  9. DengekiDaisy

    Thank you for FMP Sigma 34. I hope you have the (free) time&patience to continue your releases! It's very much appreciated!

  10. anon

    i don't understand how to download help please

  11. Ryan

    -.-, typesetter doesn't work with all my versions of photoshop. Is it work on Windows Seven?

  12. null

    Yeah! Thanks again for the new FMP! sigma material 🙂

  13. A

    holding releases hostage to gain traffic? thats very gay.i thought most ppl in scanlation teams did it for the lulz rather than popularity (well most of them perhpas..)

  14. sigh

    For the lulz? What are you 12? Complaining about free shit, unbelievable.

  15. A

    saying "for the lulz" I meant for fun. And btw Im just saying… If they are scanlating for popularity, to the point of holding releases hostages, well, thats very extreme.. isnt it? just seems wrong to me. And I know it is for free. I have never once demanded faster releases or shit like that.

  16. Avatar

    Sorry but I have to comment on your response. Your interpretation based on 1 post by GGPX is quite "extreme" in my opinion. If you actually read it properly, the only disadvantage of not meeting the "criteria" is that releases will get split into batches so ppl might have to wait some extra hours…. is that such a terrible thing???? This group doesn't have a big team and releases are slow in the first place… I don't know why ppl would even comment about something like this. If it was really all about popularity, I'm sure the group would have picked better series to work on. I do hope that "fans" are more than just a bunch of leechers that only show up whenever something gets released.

  17. ed

    thanks for FMP :laughing:

  18. Jake

    Thanks for the FMP Sigma, i really appreciate the hard work.

  19. Sabu113

    More FMP Sigma <3 😀

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