Typesetterer is a program that's intended to make typesetting large amounts of text in Photoshop easier. It replaces the frustrating [make textbox, alt+tab, select text, copy, alt+tab, paste] method with simple, easy-to-use hotkeys. Just load up your script, choose the PSDs, and get typesetting with hotkeys for entering text, navigating pages, changing text size, and even changing the style of text entirely. released - 2014.11.11
Look at me, managed to make two updates to Typesetterer this year! With this release, I've added an "Auto-center" feature for text layers as well as a "Toggle Art Layers" feature for checking which fonts the author used. It's a somewhat minor update, but it should add a bit more convenience when using Typesetterer. released - 2014.03.03
Me again, been a couple years, figure it's time for another release. This one doesn't really feature as drastic of changes as my last releases did, but it should be an improvement. This release changes the method that Typesetterer interacts with Photoshop to one that's unreliant on interop dll's. That means it should work with all versions CS2+. The other added feature allows you to export the fonts your text styles rely on so that you can share your styles easily with other users. released - 2012.04.01
No, this isn't an April Fools joke, I'm too unimaginative for that. Anyway, the most notable change in this release is how text is "typed". Typesetterer should now work better with different keyboard layouts, so, Russians Rejoice! Or whatever. Other changes are pretty minor but affect how Typesetterer behaves. released - 2012.03.18
This is the first release of the second version of Typesetterer. It should be in a comparable state to the first release of the last version - mostly working but possibly having bugs here and there. I've been slowly working on it for a while a now, and it's finally reached some semblance of being functional. While most changes are largely aesthetic, there are a couple somewhat major changes: wizard-style approach to loading script information and the ability to apply "Text Styles". Which should make it worthwhile to "upgrade" to. released - 2010.09.13
Been pretty lazy lately, but made some behavioral tweaks/fixes and added a "continue where I left off" feature. released - 2010.09.07
This marks the first "official" release. It's still pretty rough, but given my tendency to suddenly, completely lose interest in things, I think it's worth putting it out there. It should behave as intended for most cases, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear about it failing horrendously due to my own ineptitude.
Typesetterer has these features:
  • A simple script loader.
  • Hotkeys for entering text, loading next/previous PSD, and increasing/decreasing text sizes.
  • Ability to apply text styles
That's right, this program boasts a whole three features! If you're sold -- and I'm sure you are -- check out the download page for information on where to get it and what's needed for it to run. If not, give the screenshots and using it a skim through to get a better idea of what it does.