Releasify is a program that's similar in nature to Photoshop's batch image processing. You select a folder or folders, specify your SaveForWeb settings, and it goes through, and processes the specified filetype(s) document by document. It's convenient and easy-to-use, and provides almost all the options you'd want without hassle. released - 2014.11.11
This marks the first "official" release, previous couple versions were "tested" internally. Should be pretty straightforward to use. I attempt to give you an idea of what is here.
Use Releasify to:
  • Convert your raw .tif files into smaller .jpgs for your translator to look through.
  • Get your .psd chapter ready for a Quality Check.
  • Take your finished .psds and process, compress, and zip them for the final release.
Most of you probably use a batch action or actions to get things ready to be released. This offers a straightforward interface and fairly comprehensive options for how you'd like things to be done.