Sasori 01

Hello again.

(I say that like it was just yesterday we talked)

So, yeah. Been a little while, but I’ll get to the usual stuff. I’ll also post an update on our projects at the bottom of the post.

We’re looking for staff. We need experienced redrawers and a proofreader. When I say I need a proofreader, I need someone who’s a little better with the English language than the average Joe. We’re looking for someone who’s quick working, often available, easy to contact. If we proofread some of our scripts, we spend a lot of time going over lines. So the translators will often be talking with you about how to re-word some stuff. Anyway, if you feel like helping us out, contact me at gaminggodp at gmail dots com or PM me on IRC. PMing me on IRC is usually the most efficient way because I’m always there during the evening (EST timezone).

Sasori 01 (!Sasori01 !Saso01) – An old-school series that saw the light of day in 1970. It’s a series by a relatively unknown author, Shinohara Tohru, in the Western world. Sasori is a classic tale of revenge. It’s the story of a woman who was imprisoned for attempted murder and we follow her as she gets tortured by guards and jailmates as she tries to make her escape & get revenge on the person who got her in this whole ordeal. Anyway, a big thank you to the people at Happy Scans! for their help on the series. Go say to them.


We’re officially dropping Sengoku. All of the people who originally worked on the series are long gone from scanlations and while I was hoping to maybe get some other people to eventually work on it, those people never came around. Another group asked permission to work on it and they should be releasing some chapters soon. Give them your support. Now, for all of our active projects:

Alice in Hell: I have one chapter translated and we should release it in a week or so, assuming Icedman finishes typesetting it…

All Rounder Meguru: We’re working on ch96-97 now. 96 is being checked over while 97 is in typesetting.

Crueler Than Dead: Stalled. Need an editor + translator for it.

Dog Soldier: Ideally, I would need a cleaner for this series because the current one (kyuubi654) is really busy irl and things are moving slowly. Same goes for Dokuro. If we don’t get one, well, that’s fine, but releases will be slow.

Dokuro: See above.

Hepatica: I’ll be typesetting the second volume soon. Just gotta get around to doing it.

I Am A Hero: We’ve started translating v16. Don’t know where the cleaning process is.

Inherit The Stars: Like with all Hoshino Yukinobu projects, I’m just waiting on translations.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough: Because this is basically my #1 project and there hasn’t been a release in over a year, I’m kinda pissed off about it. So I’m going to try to get an editor to work on it but there are so many doubles & redraws that it’s difficult to get done. I can translate a volume pretty quickly, but the editing is what slows everything down. In this case, to a grinding halt.

Kyoko: I’m just waiting on the translator (zindryr) to look over the proofreading changes before I typeset. We’re also gonna do a v2 of volume 1 because it wasn’t proofed before typesetting, which is my bad.

Master Keaton: We have one last chapter translated before we drop the series. It was licensed by Viz, and they’ll do a great job with it so go support them and buy the series.

Mephisto: Fingers crossed that I can possibly get something worked out for this.

Odyssey: Waiting on zindryr to translate more.

Raqiya: Soon. Also, the five volumes are out by One Peace Books, even though they did an amateurish job with it. But still, buy ’em and support the author.

REAL: Should be starting to work on that soon.

Shamo: Same as Hepatica, really.

Suicide Island: v10 is translated and we’re hoping to have a vol out a month from now.

We have a few one volume series we’re working on that should be released over the next few months, assuming all goes well.

If you have any questions, ask



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