About that Christmas release

First and foremost, Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever to you all. Hope you got and gave something good to someone in your life. …And I hope you didn’t eat too much damn chocolate.

So the reason I’m writing this post is because I might owe some explanations to some of you leechers. Usually, our Christmas releases are the biggest (chapter-wise) releases of any group and we usually wrap up stuff that, over the course of the year, we had started on but had left hanging or put on standby for a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a single thing ready today.

This pretty much cap’s off this group’s crappiest year in terms of amount of chapters released. I don’t think we managed to release 200 total chapters this year.

The reason for all of this is a multitude of things, but I’ll break it down in simpler ways: One of my main editor/typesetter/QCer’s graduated from internet life to real life, even though he always tells me he’ll be back soon, but I know the drill. He, in all likelyhood, will never be back and I don’t blame him for it. Everybody grows out of scanlations eventually. My other main editor has his own company and can only do some things sporadically. My main translator is busy eating Italian Ice, I mean, has his own real life things and even then, he works really fast, but we don’t have enough staff to keep up with him, so he sometimes gets bored of waiting and does other things. I’ve been busy & distracted the last month because of a job exam & interview that has me stressed out because it’s a possibly life-changing job and it would require me to move to Eastern Canada. If the job I was applying for was in the same city I live in currently, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad, but the thought of moving out East by myself scares me a little, so it’s something that preoccupies me. And if I do get the job and move out East, I don’t know how much time I’ll be out of scanlations because it’ll take some time to get set up and to have my shit in order I probably could have done some scanlation work, but I didn’t have my mind on it at all. Was very far down my list of things to do when I had free time.

So what does this mean for the group in the near future? I mean, you’re one of the 4-5 the oldest active groups around and you’ve slowed down considerably lately, does this mean you’ll be closing soon?

Honestly, probably not a whole ‘lot. We’ve never been a fast group to begin with. I see mostly as a just a really slow period. Granted, 2014 has been the worst year ever for us, but I don’t think it’s overly bad. We’ve had some recent recruits (and recent people emailing me that I’ll get to tonight, because I didn’t really think about that the last 4 weeks) and older staff members that still do good work. We have a lot of projects we want to continue working on and to start. It’s just a question of getting settled and finding the right frame of mind & time to do the work.

The day this group closes is probably the day I’ll quit scanlations, and who knows when the hell that’ll be. Probably not any time soon.

Thanks for all two of you who are concerned, and since every post needs a mandatory staff request, apply! Translators, cleaners, experienced typesetters, all needed! Email me at gaminggodp at gmail dotz com.

See you in 2015.

3 Thoughts to “About that Christmas release”

  1. Phantasos

    You guys take your time. Can’t rush shit like this. I’m gonna stick around and leech whatever quality manga you guys have.

  2. MazMaz

    Fight, GGpX! Fight!

  3. Dave

    Alls is well as long as Illuminati-Manga still exists.

    Good luck with your new potential job, GGpX.

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