Sasori 02

Hello again.

We need a full-time proofreader. Please contact me (see post below)

Sasori 02 (!Sasori02 !Saso02) – Chapter 2 of this series. I don’t have much time to post, but go thank HappyScans! for their work on the series.

See you.

2 Thoughts to “Sasori 02”

  1. lis_w

    HI there, I would like to proofread your manga, is there a specific email address i can send my CV to?

  2. Doctor

    Regarding Shamo, I’m assuming you’re aware v33-34 were just released since the final volume had a message for you at the end (presumably they contacted you in advance), but I’m wondering if this means you won’t do the final 2 volumes anymore? Personally I found their work rather quick and dirty compared to yours, although it was adequate. So I’d personally like to see it done by you guys, but I’d understand if it doesn’t happen.

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