New Typesetterer version and Releasify “released”

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks working on some things on and off.  And figured I’d exploit whatever page views we get from the anniversary release to announce my offerings.  First, I need to thank GGpX and laika for being very helpful guinea pigs testing and catching issues with the programs.  Now, on to the actual details:


I stumbled across an auto-center text script, which led me to copy, alter, and implement a version in Typesetterer.  In addition to that, I added the ability to toggle visibility of non-background art layers, so that you can see what fonts the author used or what’s been redrawn.  So, nothing too groundbreaking, but both could save you time.  You can watch me try to explain it or download it.


A long time ago, I wrote a naïve script for taking chapter PSDs and running through and outputting them as PNGs or PSDs — very similar to what “batch” does in Photoshop.  I always meant to get around to polishing it a bit and making it more usable, and I finally did.  The result of that is Releasify, I threw up(copied) a page for it here.  If, for some reason, you feel like suffering through my poor enunciation, you can watch me use it.  And if you’re brave, download it.

And for those of you who actually looked at this post, here’s a bit of a teaser for what Typesetterer v2 might be.

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  1. will

    guys, how is illiteracy with typesetterer v2?

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