“The reason you poop and pee is because you ate more than you needed” -Brian Dunning

And the guy was dead serious when he said that.

Hello, my friend~

I don’t have much time, so here’s the usual stuff:

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So, yeah!

I Am A Hero v14 (!Hero14) – We’re slowly catching up with I Am A Hero. So here’s a pretty fun volume.

Kanai-kun (!Kanai) – This is a first for us in two ways; One, this is the first time we’ve done a picture book and two, this is the first Matsumoto Taiyou project we’ve worked on. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

NOA (!NOA) – A short post-apocalyptic series from almost 30 years ago by Miura Kentaro. This is the second of his early works and to our knowledge, that’s all he’s done. So if any of you smart alecks out there know of another oneshot of his that he’s done and can find raws, send ’em our way.

We had something else ready, but unfortunately things fell through. Hopefully we’ll have it done soon.

6 Thoughts to ““The reason you poop and pee is because you ate more than you needed” -Brian Dunning”

  1. Dave

    Who the hell is Brian Dunning?
    On another note: I am deeply impressed by those releases and will start reading immediately.
    Thank you very much.

  2. GGpX

    Brian Dunning was invited on Joe Rogan’s podcast a few months ago and I only got around to listening to it a few days ago.

  3. Dave

    At least he tried to correct his statement eventually.
    Good that I studied something that doesn’t allow such scepticism.

  4. ckrit

    Perhaps his scipticism made it possible for him to refrain from pooping and peeing… Mind over body?

  5. Sofia

    Thanks for all your hard work! Especially on I Am A Hero and Shamo. I look forward to reading your other projects.

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