Rookies Oneshot


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Rookies Oneshot (!RookiesOne) – To celebrate the thirty years of Young Jump, and created to advertise the new (at the time, 2009) Rookies movie. Rookies is now fully scanlated. A big thank you to Deadbeat-Scans for their help on the series over the year. Go visit their site.

4 Thoughts to “Rookies Oneshot”

  1. MazMaz

    Woohoo! A double release!

  2. leonearmato

    Thank you very much for Rookies oneshot, especially because it’s unpublished in my county, whereas the 24 regular series’ volumes!
    A request: do you know where can I find this oneshot’s original magazine raws? Thanks in advance ;D

  3. ckrit

    You should be able to find them somewhere on jCafe.

  4. GGpX


    The chapter itself or the whole magazine?

    It was published in 2009, so I doubt you’ll be able to find the whole magazine, but if you want just the raw, e-mail me.

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