Umwelt (v2)


This is the first oneshot we’ve done in a while. And it’s by one of our favorite authors, Igarashi Daisuke! He’s the mangaka behind Witches, Hanashippanashi, Little Forest, Spirits Flying in the Sky… Good stuff, bro.

Umwelt (!Umwelt !Umwat) – A big thank you to 10th Mystery from Japanzai for scanning the magazine & allowing us to use the raw. There’s another oneshot in the magazine I’m interested in doing, but I need to find an editor for it. Hint hint. 馃檪

We fucked up, and now there’s a v2. Sorry, yo.

You can read it by clicking here.

.:23路49路59:. 芦@laika禄 um…wat….
.:23路50路04:. 芦@laika禄 very funny gg
.:23路51路04:. 芦@laika禄 why didn’t you say i did a bunch of editing for this gg!?!?!?!?!?1/1/1
.:23路51路10:. 芦@laika禄 you need to SHOUT ME OUT

So shoutout to da homey laika for cleaning that shit, holmes! Str8 up! Blam! (Also, Rangers suck.)

Anyway, we’re hoping to finish up Little Forest v2 sooner rather than later and we’ll have wrapped up all of the Igarashi Daisuke stuff we’ve been working on.

As usual, we’re looking for staff. I’m looking for a proofreader or two, a bunch of editors (Your responsibility is to straighten the pages & remove the Japanese text) and an experienced typesetter. If you want to help out, PM me on IRC or e-mail me.

Thanks, yo!

5 Thoughts to “Umwelt (v2)”

  1. BlazingSS4

    @ggpx Awesome release guys! But I gotta ask you: how鈥檚 Koukou Tekkenden TOUGH currently doing? Has it been dropped? Some of my friends are really looking forward to its return. I hope the editor is doing alright. What鈥檚 going on?

  2. hahhah42

    So does this mean you haven鈥檛 quietly been working on Saru? (Not really sure why I had that idea in my head鈥 Just confusing my hopes with reality, perhaps鈥)

    Anyway, thanks for this release. I think it鈥檚 one of Igarashi鈥檚 better short stories 鈥 and that鈥檚 saying something!

  3. laika

    at one point there was _supposed_ to have been something done on saru by kotonoha. like i heard scripts were done but i don鈥檛 know anymore since kotonoha might be dead-ish.

    perhaps it鈥檒l get done sometime.

  4. GGpX


    Editor is more than likely gone from scanlations. I haven鈥檛 heard from him in months.

    So the hunt for a skilled, experienced editor is on. Without one, I can鈥檛 continue the series.

  5. Badalight

    Speaking of one shots 鈥 are you guys still planning on doing the Rookies One Shot that takes place after the series end?

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