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Hello, beautiful people.

So it’s been a little while since our last release. Guess that’s what happens when you have a staff shortage and me having no time to do any work because of a thousand different reasons. So if you think you can help out, PM me on IRC, post on the forums or email me. My email is gaminggodp at gmail dot com (Yes, that’s seriously my e-mail). I need to write to two people who wrote on the forums… Sorry about the wait.


Shamo v31 (!Coq31) – The Illuminati|Mad bot disconnected and I have no idea when it’ll be back online. Soon, I hope. Ftp connection still works & everything… Anywho. Here’s volume 31 of Shamoooooo. A big, big thank you to a new editor, joud, for cleaning the volume. I really need to write you back, but thank you so much for your help. Those of you reading this should be thanking him as well. Click here to read online. It’s also available for DDL if you’re registered on the forums.

So here’s the thing. I have a release planned for July 23rd, but I have no idea what I’ll have to release. There’s one volume I’m almost sure we’ll be able to release (There’s so much text in it, it’s like a light novel) but the rest, who knows.

For those asking about IAAH, v14 is translated. The hold up is the cleaning. Nitouryu (the cleaner) started a company and is spending most of his day focusing on it. So naturally, IAAH has been sort of pushed to the side of sorts and with a lack of staff, well… Yeah.

Welp, thanks for reading, see you on the 23rd, hopefully.

PS: If there are any groups with good magazine cleaners interested in a joint on a few magazine oneshots, please contact me. I just need a magazine cleaner to do the preclean + regular bubble cleaning & redraws. We’ll do the rest.



13 Thoughts to “Shamo v31”

  1. alfabeta

    Hi. Where is the DDL link?

  2. Dave

    Yaaaaaaaay. Thanks for Shamo.

  3. Nobo

    Oh boy, Shamo v31? Thanks a lot.

  4. lxlxlx1

    thanks for shamo!!

  5. Tavora

    God! Shamo! The sun is brighter to me now!

    Shamo is a very important series to me and thanks to YOU guys (and my brothers and sisters from Chrono Scans, because my english was not that good when I started to read the book ), I can read this piece of art. THANK YOU!

    This is my tribute to Shamo:

  6. d3mon1977

    I can’t seem to find the ddl link, so i’ ll wait till i get home from work to use Mirc for the volume 31.

    thanks for the effort Illuminati manga.

  7. GGpX

    If you’ve registered, you should be able to see this forum:

  8. xfera

    I don’t see a link anywhere

    Did it get taken down?


  9. jasa3213

    Neither do i

  10. TAbdullayev1

    Thanks for scanlating this!! Shamo is by far my favorite manga since Berserk, which has slowed down to a crawl over the past few years, so I’m so happy someone is still doing Shamo. I can’t seem to get to the forum is there something other than registering that I need to do, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  11. xfera

    Sorry to ask again, but I can’t find the download link for Shamo Vol 31

    I keep getting redirected to a page that says “No topics found here”

    Is there an alternate link?


  12. abetkm

    Oh bother! No topics were found here!

    no download link for me there

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