Go Habs Go

(As I started writing this post,  my Canadiens beat the Lightning 3-2. Hail yes, son.)

It’s been a long time since our last release. No, we’re not dead. Far from it. Still a lot of activity.

However, we have a major problem: We’re extremely short-staffed. More specially, there’s a major shortage of editors. I have no active full-time editors. I have two who are occasional editors that do some cleaning from time to time, but I’ve have two who are gone indefinitely (Phaedris & Schpeidermann) and two who don’t have much time for the foreseeable future (dh85 & Nitouryu). The latter two also happen to be the two most active editors we’ve had over the last few years. If you’ve read something from us that we’ve released recently, they probably had a hand in some of the cleaning.
So simply, we need editors. If you can help, please consider applying. If you’re new, I can train you (to a certain extent) with basic cleaning. Either apply on the forums, PM me on IRC or email me.

In any case.

I Am A Hero v13 (!IAAH13 !Hero13) – Long time coming. I blame the winter. I’ll admit it, this volume isn’t the most eventful although there are some pretty interesting things developing. The volume is also available on the online reader and you may or may not find a DDL for it on the forums…

Important note: We made a mistake in a possibly important page in v12 so we put it as the first page in volume 13. Just requires to over-write the one in v12. If that’s too complicated, then you can just re-download the volume. Dear online readers, if you’re hosting our stuff, please fix the page.

REAL v13 – See you next year. If you like the series, we strongly recommend you buy the series in English or French or whatever your native language is. This is a great series and Takehiko Inoue deserves your support. I’ve bought v7-13 in Japanese and v1-12 in English. Support the author.

See you next time.

13 Thoughts to “Go Habs Go”

  1. Gerson

    Thank you so fucking much!! 😀

  2. lastsecretgarden

    Hey there,

    my name is Kim. I’m just graduating right now with my degree in creative writing with a core focus on editing. I’m wondering what an editor’s role is here? I’m certainly interested in joining as an editor.

  3. Dave

    Thanks. Good to see you’re still alive.

  4. elnico

    what is this? where is my alice?

  5. GGpX


    An editor is someone who cleans the pages and removes the Japanese text.

    If you want a detailed view of what an editor does, check this site out:


  6. RedKitten

    Hello! I just wanted to make sure – REAL v.14 wil come out in 2015?

  7. GGpX


    Volume goes for sale in late 2014, so yeah, we’ll have it scanlated in 2015.

  8. laika

    gg you better have contacted that person about proofreading…

  9. joud

    Hello, i’m interested to join you although I have little experience in editing, and i only know the very basics in photoshop. but i’m willing to learn more and help you guys with what i can.

  10. Nethandle

    Man, if I wasn’t so busy with stuff for my own group I would help you guys in a heartbeat, your guys’ relentless dedication to quality over the years was the reason I started editing manga in the first place.

    Also, Typesetterer is the greatest fucking thing ever and illiteracy is a goddamn genius for making it. Thanks for all your hard work guys, never stop being awesome.

  11. laika

    Thanks for the support nethandle 🙂

  12. Leen

    Hello, I’m really really interested in joining you and helping you out.
    I was taught the basics from one of this forum’s members, and although I still have a lot to learn, if I can help in anything .. I’d be very pleasured

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