Registration Fixed, Suspected Bot Accounts to be Deleted

First up, if you’re  a human being and you find your username on this list I apologize in advance. Every username in this list had either a free e-mail account, (hotmail, other disposables, Russian, Polish), or a username that seemed like that a bot would make. It’s my fault for forgetting to add some proper spam detection to a WordPress site.

Also, registration has now been fixed! If you tried to register in the past week or so you likely got an error from sabre (the plugin we use to stop spam accounts). I didn’t see that it was broken before I installed it and no one mentioned that they were having problems registering until recently. Again, my fault, all fixed. If you’re a human, please register again.


All that said, on to the list of accounts to be removed!


Abrakadabraq, AdelaidMorrice, AdolphHarless, AdrianWheen, AITex, AmieCgthemsjlb, Arigato, Arnoldtymn, Bamova, BirgitCanady, BMLPeggytpkjxg, BrittnyGearhart, CarrolKRLepfpcyr, cbakyzssr, Cecilia9096, ChangFinniss, DelorasJYPY, DenPt, DerekC01wbwnq, DickQRRZjorxxgp, DomingaOLeary, EmiliaMichaud, EnriqueKi, FatimaMedders, FCEGenevie, FelipaYjgepo, FranzistLewin, GarySWPOcfg, GENAundrea, gengrgh, Georgest, GlennAntone, GonzaloOShane, GracielaLander, GrantBarak, gusgusner, GustavoCollicot, HANHUI, hojutywvajo110, HumbertBurchell, IHMW, IndianaNorthcot, IrwinL12mckveai, Janessahides, JaxonOgilvy, Jayme1241max, JaysonMullaly, JeffreyHarp, JesseYbzrii, JettTangpygm, JosephVom, JuliannJonathan, Justindrer, KarenDalziel, KathleenCormier, Kelley7045, KennethDile, KennethSn, KiaZsqvpkzv, KieraHhzsoytpf, Kindra58Kgizc, krngbqsso, ldeH5atf, Lexxytuh, Lolytuh, LonnaWampler, Lottie4894, lqrcnhssm, Lucy0463vlu, MadeleiStephen, MarcelBettencou, MargaritaEhrlic, MaybelleWestbur, Michel66Ke, Milagrolngraham, MonicaSchweizer, NevilleKinslow, NigelRefshauge, niuniu, nodens88, NoeliaCaldwell, Nswtrpk3aq7m NZZArnoldo, OniluapL, palrvupdqs, Philipbype, podricddhmtb, qmurtmssg, qtuizutq, RamonitLent, raybansz, RickieZeva, RobertOi, RosaKotaiy, RowaxaTal, RoxanaCollocott, SadyeKnotts, SadyeLuisini, SammyClemmons, SBPCharole, ShelliSaxton, socpareni, SOUHO, Spiliexense, StephenMt, stormyboderick6pg, TereseCharleswo, ThelmaZHTK, TonyThowee, TXVTaniaffettes, TypeBuppy, Von92Wzroivpte, VonelaSogs, WDFChelsea, WilhelminaU80, Williamvaw, WillWiesekgt, yugi605, Zacharyhods


If you find your username on this list and you’re a human, simply reply to this post and I will remove your account from the list of usernames to be deleted. I’ll give ample time for you to do so. Let’s say, one week from Illuminati-Manga’s next release post. After that amount of time has passed, all accounts on this list will be purged.

Thanks for your understanding!

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  1. Phantasos

    Phantasos here. Even made a post in the last news thread.

  2. zyndr

    So you did! Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know, you’re off this here list for deletion.

  3. laika

    laika here…. i jus…. what? oh… i’m just bored.

  4. Simonse

    What about Iam a Hero???

  5. IvanSundell

    im human :<

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