DoLL 13-14 End

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Another recruitment spree. We had two people who showed interest during our last post, but after emailing them I never got a reply from them. So, we need staff. Editors! Translators! If you want to help us increase our release speed, please consider applying .-,

And now~

DoLL 13-14 End (!DoLL13 !DoLL14 !DuLL13 !DuLL14 Online Reader DDL on the forums) And so ends this weird series that we picked up without anyone in the group actually working on it. So since there were only two chaps to do, I just found some people to do the last two chapters and begged laika to translate it. That’s how it happened.

See you~

11 Thoughts to “DoLL 13-14 End”

  1. Dave

    Woo. I never expected to see the end of this. Thanks.

  2. arpad

    Better late then never! Thank You GGpX AND the good folks at illuminati , I persuaded the now lost legend, Spynxtr, to take this project on , when it stalled after a few chapters at a previous scanlation outfit. I bought the 2 volumes, and scanned them , but after completing a few chapters, Spynxtr went missing.
    So the glory and gratitude goes to the wonderful folks at illuminati to see this project to completion. This manga was, I think ,troublesome for even the original publishers at Afternoon Monthly since it ended , after a promising start, after just 2 volumes. It is a weird, twisted story of an old guy who is into sex dolls, and then an old student of his comes visiting.
    Thank You ,for once again , giving us something unique.

  3. Enarion

    Seems like a nice series, ill check it 🙂

    By the way… i didnt reply last recruitment ´cause i tought lots of people might reply also… maybe thats not the case >.<
    Anyway i can help out with any task with some (lots) supervision/advice with the exception of translating (and ofcourse proofreading) from japanese (that i cant do). I can translate spanish-english… but.. well.. perhaps you’ll need it 😛

    Thanks all the team for your work. really.

  4. GGpX

    Hi Enarion,

    Do you have any experience editing or are you completely new to it?

    If you’re new to it, read this guide & post again in this thread.


  5. ckrit

    Hey GGpX, not sure if it’s just me, but: “The forum ‘Applications’ is closed to new topics and replies.”

  6. Enarion

    GGpX, i read the “Cleaning Scans” part and most of it i know and have some practice.
    The other stuff (typesetting mostly) i’m complety new so i’m gonna take my time reading it.

  7. GGp


    I’ll email you something tomorrow. It’s late and I need to go to sleep. but I’ll have something for you.

    Thanks again.

  8. zindryr


    Thanks for pointing this out, it’s been fixed.

  9. Enarion

    I’ll be looking foward it 😉
    See you.

  10. BlazingSS4


    Thanks for the releases! What are the current status of Kou Kou Tekkenden TOUGH, and Dukoro? If you need any help to get faster releases, give a heads up. 🙂

  11. Badalight

    It’s off-topic, but I was wondering if you had any updates on that special one shot rookies chapter? It’s been awhile since you guys completed the series. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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