First release in a month! (I forgot about AIH, sorry!)

So my vacation’s over, and there’s two three things you need to know.

1) We’re back at work.

2) Breaking Bad is a little overrated (cue the hate posts from overly offended white people)

3) We’re not dead. Relax. Breathe in, breathe out. I have way too much work to do to be considered dead. I have a few volumes translated, a couple of oneshots, I’m waiting on cleans for the oneshots (Hox, if you’re reading this, my bad. Finding magazine cleaners is an impossible task.) and some of the tankobons are cleaned, so I’ll be getting to work on those soon.

So. Release.

Goggles (!Goggles !Google) – We had plans to release this in 2013, but alas, we’re slow as fuck and that’s the end result. This is another Tetsuya Toyoda project. laika has mentioned wanting to re-do Undercurrent at some point (He originally translated it a number of years ago for NCIS), but I have no idea if (let’s not even get into when) we’ll get to it. But if we do, we’ll have the whole Tetsuya Toyoda collection done.

By the way, if you don’t wanna go on IRC to download it, it’s available on our online reader and you just might find another link if you register on the forums… Hint hint.

In any case, enjoy. Hopefully we can have something done by the weekend, but it’s kinda doubtful.



zindryr edit: Hey everyone. Hope you’re enjoying the new site. Thought I’d hop in here and mention some things that we might be doing in the future in regards to the website itself. We had a huge influx of registered viewers in the first few weeks of the site which is great. Unfortunately a vast majority of them are most likely from bots. I purged a lot of them and added some further protection against bots to our registration process (which I hope is still working but no one has complained yet which means it should be), but I believe there are still a lot more bot accounts in our userbase. This is just a heads up but accounts with free e-mail services or anything with a @*.ru email may be deleted in the near future. Just a heads up. Sorry for the inconvenience if your account gets purged but I hope that you’ll re-register with us if it happens. All new accounts created in the past week or so are safe and have nothing to worry about. Thanks for your understanding. (Also, bug GGpX to get to work on things I’ve translated for him.)

2 Thoughts to “First release in a month! (I forgot about AIH, sorry!)”

  1. Phantasos

    Hell yeah, thanks mucho for Goggles. I had only read some of the stories in this volume and had no idea he had made connected some of them, like the prequel to the Goggles. And with the exception of the first one, all of them have that subtle charm so typical of Toyoda. Really liked that short old book story with the Undercurrent characters.

    Would love it if you re-did Undercurrent as it’s my favorite Toyoda work and one of my favorite manga in general.

  2. Logan76667

    I JUST found this website, after reading you were the ones who scanlated I am a Hero (you should put creditpages in, like other scanlators :P)
    and I saw that you’ll start working on it soon !!
    so happy, I’ve been checking it on different sites about every day 😀
    I’m looking forward to the release <3

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