New Typesetterer Release

It’s been a couple years and the bug to work on the app has bitten be again.  Though not enough to supply me with sufficient ambition to exceed only adding a couple of changes.  This release will interact differently with Photoshop, so it should work with future releases painlessly(until they drop feature support).  Though if you have multiple versions of Photoshop installed, it might not work, so there’s a bit of a tradeoff(to fix that, uninstall them, and install a single version you want it to work with).  It also allows you to export your styles in a manner which bundles the necessary fonts along with them, so it should enable you to share styles with others fairly seamlessly.  If you have any issues(which I’m sure you will) send me an e-mail at the address included in the release. Thanks.

Download Typesetterer v1.0.1.0 here.

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