I figure it’s worth mentioning,

Hi again.

This many releases in such a short period of time is… unusual, to say the least, for us. Our QCer (dh85) came back from vacation only to tell us he’s still busy with something useless like school or something, I don’t know.

So I figured it was worth mentioning since a bunch of you ask every two comments or almost now, to the point I’m getting multiple emails about this.

The status of Full Metal Panic Sigma v19 is that we’re working on it. There are still a few steps that need to be done so that the volume can be complete. It could be released as early as Sunday (longshot) and as late as, I don’t know. We’ve started typesetting it, but we have multiple rounds of QCing to do, including myself going over the typesetting because there are a lot of parts (mostly the stupid SFX) where I’m not overly pleased with what I did. So please stop asking every second posts, if I have any other updates about it, I’ll post them.

You know how I always write about needing more staff? Well, I got two nice people to join recently and they’re doing good work. Directly because of them, we have an extra release today that would have otherwise not been done. You can say a big thank you to kuroto & Chuuka for typesetting and QCing respectively.

Think you can help out? We’re looking specifically for translators and editors. Proofreaders & another QCer would be welcomed as well. We’re set at typesetters right now. If you’re interested in helping out, PM me on IRC or send me an email. Don’t email me about FMP Sigma, I won’t answer.

Now, the releases.

Alice in Hell 13 (!Alice13 !AIH13) – Booooooobs.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v24 (!Tough24 !KKTT24) – 24 / 42 volumes done. Houray. As usual, a big thank you to Soujourn for cleaning the volume and doing a kickass job as usual. I don’t know what the ETA for v25 will be because Soujourn has a life and has other things keeping him busy than just scanlations. Once he’ll have v25 cleaned, I’ll start translating & typesetting. For this volume, we have another cameo from an MMA legend. Last volume had the legendary Bas Rutten, this one has another badass.

Have a good one.

14 Thoughts to “I figure it’s worth mentioning,”

  1. Doomroar

    Thanks for the releases specially for Tough

  2. Dave

    Yatta! Alice. Thank you very much.

  3. Takata

    Yes! Thank you very much. It's amazing how two new members can change the pace of your releases. Special thanks to Kuroto and Chuuka! 😀

  4. BlazingSS4

    @GGpX What happened to chapter 251? did you skip it? Other than that, nice job and thanks for the release. 🙂

  5. GGpX

    @BlazingSS4 ? It's included in the volume pack. If you're reading it from an online reader like Batoto or some other money stealing site, then I have no idea. I don't upload our stuff there.

  6. Getsurin

    Can someone tell me how IRC work never used that in my long boring life…

  7. GGpX

    @Getsurin If you use Firefox, download Chatzilla, install it. If you don't use Firefox, google IRC and download a client like SysReset or UPP. Write: /server irc.irchighway.net Then, /j #illuminati-manga From there, you can check out the XDCC lists to find the packs you want. If you want the new releases, the triggers are in the topic when you join.

  8. Hurin

    @Illuminati Big thanks for the Jigoku no Alice scanlations. Since Freesia ended I've been really pleased to find another one of Matsumoto Jiro's series. P.S. You should add a Bitcoin address for donations ^^

  9. Anonymous

    You guys also scan volumes that have been released in English, right? If so, could you possibly scan the following? AX Dangu Saraiya Gorou Sumomo Momomo 11-12 Fancy Gigolo Pelu Cafe Kichijoji de Yume no Akichi/A Patch of Dreams Gekiga Hyouryuu/A Drifting Life Hikari to Tomo ni…/With the Light Saint Seiya v28 Tekken Chinmi Golgo 13 Hadashi no Gen/Barefoot Gen Dangu Kamigami no Itadaki/Summit of the Gods Ikigami/Death Paper/Death Notice Matantei Loki Ragnarok If not, I've made a huge mistake.

  10. demoralized

    Whoa, thanks for all the quick releases!

  11. GGpX

    @Anonymous We may or may not have scanned some volumes in the past, but we have no plans on doing any volumes that are/were licensed in the future.

  12. Anonymous

    @GGpX OK, understood. Thanks for the reply!

  13. Simonse

    how about iam a hero??

  14. Charlone

    I <3 you guys for translating this great series. Its been a long and crazy ride… and i wanted to tell you all that you are all FIRED ! sorry was trying to copy Tessa.

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