Full Metal Panic Sigma v19 (End)

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Full Metal Panic Sigma v19 (End) (!Sigma19 !FMPS19) – And here it is, the conclusion to Full Metal Panic Sigma. We starrted on the series in late 2008, so it’s been a little bit over five years. It’s gone through using shitty pub raws for the first three volumes to me scanning volumes 4-19, from having a short lived joint because of the lack of staff to finishing the series in good, proper fashion, from having some crazed super-religious faggot acting righteous by stealing our script and making a scanlation – cue the irony… It’s been quite a ride. Funny enough, if you look at the credits, there hasn’t been all that much staff change from the first few volumes. Same typesetter (me), same translator (Avatar), same editor (Nitouryu). Pretty cool. Wish I could have staff working long-term on all of my projects, but alas…

Edit: I fucked up page 202 and those of you who downloaded the volume early got the volume with the shitty page. Only ~50 or so of you downloaded it early, so if any of you want the fixed page, the link is here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q3eamw – All you need to do is open the .cbz with Winzip, click & drag the page into the volume, let it overwrite, and you’re done. The vast majority of you already have the proper version and don’t need to re-download the page.

So in this final volume of FMP Sigma, the volume is roughly 50% bigger than the regular volumes. The regular volumes are about ~160 pages each while this one comes out to 240. It’s a great volume to boot.

I had originally picked up Full Metal Panic Sigma because the original anime was what got me into the world of fansubs. I was young and new to torrents and a guy I knew sent me to this site where they had a few series. I hadn’t heard of any of them, but I notice a series called “Full Metal Panic!” and thought, huh, that’s a pretty neat sounding series, let’s try it out. I watched it and got hooked. Watched the whole thing in two sittings, only because I had school the next day and had to go to bed… Had it been on the weekend, it would have been one sitting. I loved it, thought it had concluded, and moved on to watch another series (I think it was Last Exile). A year or so later, I heard that there was a side-story anime called Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu and naturally, I downloaded that in an instant. Loved it even more than the original anime. Wanted more, but couldn’t find any. At this point, I was really into the scanlation scene. I knew which groups were good, AonE, A-Kraze, zx, K-F, etc and which were the shitty ones (Too many to name, actually). And when I heard that they were making a new series (This is well over tenyears ago, goes to show how old I’m getting), I was so extremely excited. The Second Raid was my favorite of the three series because it had a lot of the things I like in stories. Mature, dark, gritty, sometimes hard to watch, emotional content. It was the last anime I ever followed on a weekly basis, waiting for new episodes to come out. Who knows, maybe I’ll follow along again if they ever make another series, but that seems to be more and more doubtful as time goes on. Whole point of this is, Full Metal Panic is what lead me to fansubs, which lead me to the fansub community, which lead me to the manga scanlation community, which eventually got me to scanlations. So a big, big chunk of what Illuminati-Manga’s done over the last eight years is thanks (indrectly) to Full Metal Panic!’s anime. And because I’ve been a big, big fan of Full Metal Panic for well over a decade, I couldn’t pass up a chance to scanlate the series. We did the first series, ended up dropping it because BYAAAH just scanned the official ADV volumes. But even when I didn’t have staff for the second series, I still picked it up, because fuck you, that’s why.

A big, big thank you to Avatar for translating the series and to Nitouryu & dh85 for doing the vast majority of the editing for the series. They’ve been working on the volume almost since day 1, so I have a great deal of appreciation for them and so should you, dear reader. Also a big thank you to Psi for proofreading the final volume. Love you, buddy.

For future plans… I’m only going to say this once as to not repeat myself over & over. We have no plans to pick up Full Metal Panic Another. There’s a multitude of reasons. 1) I don’t know if the translator, Avatar, would be interested in it. His real life is keeping him busy with a whole bunch of stuff and I don’t even know if he’d be interested in translating something else, let alone the sequel. It’s something I’ll need to discuss with him. 2) The editor, Nitouryu, isn’t interested in it at all. So I’m down a translator + an editor, not looking good. 3) I’m personally not excited by the choice of artist they used for the series. I looked through volume 1 a while back and it looked just mediocre on all ends. Now, does that mean we’ll never work on it? No, because if some of my other staff want to do it, then I’ll buy the volumes and we’ll work on it. But right now, it looks unlikely.

Lastly, as always, if you want to support the author & the artist, please consider buying the volumes if the series is licensed in your language. The job of manga author/artist is a very, very time consuming & difficult one and at often times, an unlucratic one. Every little bit helps with royalties. If they’re not available in your native language, buy them in Japanese.

That’s all for tonight, I’m tired of typing.

Good night.

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  1. Another Anon

    Thanks for FMP! Sigma 19 guys!! Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Misha

    Thank you so much for all the years of hard work and dedication on this project!! You've done an amazing job with it, great translation and editing all around, and congratulations on such a large job getting wrapped up! Cheers!

  3. Ibreaker9736

    Thank you for finishing this series. This is my favorite series. I already read the light novel version of it three year ago but it's nice to see how it happen in art form. Thanks again.

  4. NiceGuyVan

    OMG THX Wondering tho, will you guys make A Batch of it all, or Batch of each volume? Do you even have the old !___ links?

  5. GGpX

    @NiceGuyVan If the triggers for volume 19 are !Sigma19 or !FMPS19, wouldn't it be logical that the triggers for volume 18 be !Sigma18 or !FMPS18? Also, no. We don't do torrents or complete series batches.

  6. blindbox

    Thanks for the release! That was a great, and long journey. So, many, years.

  7. Ivan

    Thank you so much, Illuminati. It's a wonderful feeling to have finished FMP at last. Still hoping for more anime but the manga have brought me so much pleasure. Can't ever thank you enough. You are the best.

  8. mirimiri

    Thank you so much for the amazing job 🙂

  9. Cenit

    Moving speech, GGpX. I appreciated. This was a great volume. Made me laugh quite a lot and also brought me close to tears. Something, i've experience more than once when reading Sigma. I can only say i'm most grateful to what you guys did. My love towards FMP would not be the same without you picking up this series. I hope for you to all do well in the future. I hope that Avatar is not mad about all the stupid questions i might've asked in the past. I hope that I-M will reach it's goal with 500+ new chapters in 2014. And hopefully there will come a day for me to read I-M scanlations again. Until then. And thank you!

  10. Eien

    Good job on the good quality manga. Appreciate your hard work. One comment though about your reference of Al saying he wants to be in a Trans-Am. It wasn't a reference to Gundam, but to the Pontiac Trans-Am, which was the main car for Knight Rider. Wiki it up and you understand. Another question: Will you be doing Full Metal Panic Another since it's a spin-off/ continuation of FMP?

  11. makey

    Thanks a lot for the release

  12. jolec

    :crying:I'm so moved 🙁 This manga was with me for years now. And it is over… OMG, thank You ILLUMINATI for your hard work with FMP! I love You very much for that <3 There are no words that can express how I (and I guess all the fans)appreciate what You have done for us. Thank You one more time.

  13. Wilt Derivata

    Thank you so much guys for your patience and your work, have a nice day :laughing:

  14. Anon

    It's been a pleasure reading this manga, and it's all cause of the amazing job you did. Thank you, and all the best for the future. 🙂

  15. Kiku

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

  16. sbyrstall

    Thanks for doing all this hard work. How do I go about downloading them??

  17. GGpX

    @Eien Yeah, I heard that from the chat. I actually didn't Google it myself because I figured the translator/proofreader (whoever put the note) had done the research themselves to look it up. I personally don't know jack about the Gundam series outside of the fact that Seed Destiny was a blatant ripoff of it's own sequel. :p As for FMPA, read the news post.

  18. vane.

    Thank you guys! I want to kiss you until run out of breath!!

  19. fan

    I can't thank you enough!! Can't believe it's really been 5 years either…..thanks again, you and you team have been amazing and have made a lot of people very happy over these years 🙂

  20. Blackmouth

    Thank you for everything guys, you deserve that and more.

  21. vipo

    Thanks a lot for finishing up this amazing series!! 🙂

  22. x

    can you finish off The World is Mine?

  23. eiram

    OMG! It's finally here, I have fallen for this series so much that makes me sad to know it's the end 🙁 guess it's time to read the light novels, can someone tell me where i can read them please? I'm new to FMP universe but I really, really LOVE it and last but not least a BIG thank you to you guys for your amazing and hard work, what would I've done without you guys? Also I would like to thank the original autor and the artist for bringing up such a great story 🙂

  24. Josh

    Thank you so much!!

  25. Ivan

    Thank you so much for your efforts! 😉

  26. Jeg

    Thank you for taking FMP all the way to the end. I have been looking forward to this for some time. Oh and on another note the Trans-AM reference AL makes in the last chapter in not referring to Gundam at all. Its a much older reference to an American tv show call "Knight Rider". The show featured a Trans-am that could talk and was a smart car. Just thought I would put in my 2 cents. Thanks again for the fine work you've done.

  27. B1

    The FMP franchise has always been amongst my favorites, going way back. I'm so old that I was already an adult when the first series aired, but it was one of those series I wanted to share. I set my nephew up with an early version of MPC and showed him a few episodes. He's now an adult too and owns all the English language publications, as well as all the western-released anime volumes. Illuminati has consistently done a first-rate job with the scanlations – I'm glad it was someone who really cared about FMP. I'm very grateful for the huge amount of work these 19 volumes represent, and I look forward to anythi9ng you might do in the future. Thank you very much.

  28. francesco.v

    Really thank you for the opportunity to read the end of this saga. It's kind of strange because I

  29. CloudyWolf

    WOOT, final volume..& it's been 1 hell of a ride..thanks very much to illuminati's staff for all your hard work..& to shouji-san, hiroshii-san & co. for bringing us this awesome story to an end after we had lose all hope for an anime continuation..now i have a major reason to collect all the robot damashii AS figures..& onward to ANOTHER!..:smile:

  30. GGemini

    Thank you VERY much for all your hard work with this series. I started reading the translated versions that were sold in Singapore but they stopped at volume 5… I thought it was a lost case then I found you guys. Thank you very much again!!

  31. Ram

    Thank you for posting all he volumes full metal panic sigma, this has been a series that i have followed for 5 years of my life starting with the anime. Just like Francesco its been an amazing journey for me. The final volume was great and I'm very happy with the ending. Thank you so so much for translating all of this, and I'm very very grateful.

  32. Jag272

    Hey there just wanted to say thanks so much for the work of this, been eagerly anticipating the end ever since i first finished FMP TSR months back, its a shame an FMP Sigma anime is looking increasingly less likely by the day but you did not disappoint with these translations and i certainly got alot of enjoyment out of reading it. Maybe some day we'll get a new anime but until then thanks for the time and effort translating so all of us can enjoy reading it.

  33. dd

    Thank You! from the bottom of my Polish heart 😉 hour of pure joy, all thank to your effort.

  34. Hideo

    Any update on I'am a hero? people are forgetting me… :confused: :confused:

  35. Owlyn

    I too am very interested in reading more, "I am a Hero." Please translate soon!

  36. #350

    Hey uhm on page 25 of ch 90 when al says he wants to become a car preferably a trans-am I think he was referencing knight rider not gundam.

  37. Nutbar

    When I found the FMP anime series, I loved it. When I found that it was based on a novel series that went past the end of the anime, I was crushed. I spent ages trying to find a translation. Then I found you guys, and your FMP Sigma translation. And years later, here I am, at the end of the story I thought I would never reach. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I was going to mention that Al in a Trans-Am was a reference to the original Knight Rider rather than Gundam 00, but I see other commenters beat me to it.

  38. S113

    Thanks for everything. Similar experience with teh anime. I devoured the fan-translated novels when they were out. Thank you so much for delivering a visual presentation of everything souske went through in the novels. I immensely enjoyed the series and I am very grateful that you guys took it up and perservered to finish it. I am still curious about another because i love the universe and I hope one day you pick it up but your sirs have done your work for the series. Unbelieveably grateful for all the hours you guys put in to make it accessible to everyone else. TY Avatar and Nh! Best of luck in your next series. Thank you again!

  39. Michael

    Thanks for the Hanashippanashi redrawn non-typset spreads that were posted on /a/ a while ago.

  40. Andres

    Thank you so much

  41. GGpX

    @Michael I think that was the translator (laika) who uped those. Here's hoping he feels like translating soon, I wanna do IAAH ;_;

  42. BlazingSS4

    @GGpX Congratulations on the completion of the project. However, I would like to ask how low is the staff? Is there anything I can do to help out? 🙂

  43. Saurabh

    Thank you so much for translating this series. 🙂

  44. Ox King

    @GGpX IAAH ended on a cliffhanger and it is driving me crazy! Can anyone else help you translate it?

  45. GGpX

    @BlazingSS4 I need translators & editors mostly.

  46. BlazingSS4

    @GGpX Understood. Do most of your projects in french or in Japanese? I'm more fluent in the French Language than Japanese though…. It'll sign up to help you guys out. I'm also good at editing, but with little exerience… I hope that's okay with you?

  47. moethiara

    thanks a looooooot for your dedication, guys :crying:it was epic work of you :laughing:you are the best!!!

  48. GGpX

    @BlazingSS4 Yeah, I'd be more interested in editors right now. I only have one series that's being done from French and I take care of it, so French translators aren't really needed. Can you log on IRC or email me?

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