Man, do the Habs suck tonight

Jeez, what an awful performance.

Oh, hey.

Today I’d first like to thank our two new staff members, kuroto and Chuuka. Both of them applied over the last two weeks and thanks to them, we’ll be able to release some series faster. Thank you both for applying.

Now, if only I could get another reliable cleaner & translator… 😉 If you’re interested, email me or PM me on IRC.

Master Keaton 29 (!Keaton29 !MK29) – Newest chap of Keaton featuring… A duel! Both of our new applicants worked on this chapter and we could wrap it up over the last few days because of them. So a big than you to them.

Suicide Island v08 (!Island08 !SI08) – So we were planning on releasing the whole volume for Christmas, but it didn’t get done in time. So here it is. There’s a very nice twist in this volume.

Next release should probably be martial arts related, just a guess.

See you.

14 Thoughts to “Man, do the Habs suck tonight”

  1. Giul

    Thanks for Suicide Island. I love Mori Kouji's manga and i really appreciate the high quality of your releases (loved Holyland btw), so keep up the excellent work! P.S. Sorry for my poor english

  2. breizh

    Thank you so Much! 🙂

  3. Garga

    Dude, thanks for a whole volume of Suicide Island. Really appreciated!

  4. lembu

    Suicide island and master keaton? youre the best illuminati manga.

  5. dash

    whats up with FMP sigma19? 🙂

  6. Ibreaker9736

    Will FMP Sigma be release this month?

  7. lay

    thanks for SI :tongue:

  8. Gachirin

    no download links?

  9. GGpX

    @Gachirin We're an IRC group, you can find all of our releases there.

  10. Dash

    Love the great work you guys do! But what's up with the cbz file? I have no idea how im supposed to read it xD :wassat:

  11. GGpX

    @Dash It's a comic book zip (CBZ). It's a .zip file made for comic readers like CDisplay. If you don't like the extension, you can just change it from .cbz to .zip and you're set to go.

  12. Alex

    Thank you so much for Suicide Island 😉 You guys are AWESOME.

  13. Greg

    Thanks for suicide island.

  14. gholanda

    Thanks for Suicidie Island! Great work!

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