Blame the Russian, blaaaaame the Russian

So apparently, the site had some hickups. Oh well. I say, blame the Russian. Only because, well, it’s fun. Really.

We’re recruiting staff members to increase our release speed on some of our series. We have two big annual releases every year that are coming up, so we’ll need help with that. We’re specifically looking for translators, cleaners & redrawers. I could use one experience typesetter to help out as well. We have a lot of seinen stuff we’d like to do, but alas we need the staff to do ’em. If you’re interested in helping out, and every bit helps, PM me on IRC. We’re an IRC group. I’m not very active on emails and trying to contact me through that isn’t the best idea.


Alice in Hell 10 (!Alice10 !AIH10) – The latest chapter of Matsumoto Jiro’s crazed series. Another fun chapter.

I Am A Hero v12 (!IAAH12 !Hero12) – While the last volume was a little slow, this one is anything but. Shit is going down, son! A couple of very interesting revelations as well. The next volume, v13, should be going for sale around October 30th (v10 went for sale on 30/02/2013 and v11 on 30/06/2013) assuming the trend of one volume every 4 months continues.

Ichi The Killer Prequel (!Ichi !Koroshiya) – This has been in the works for (literally) years. First, I’d like to appologize to the translator for this series, abcd9146. He translated this series over a year ago and it never should have taken this long to do, but alas, it did. So yeah, my bad dohg. A big thank you to Soujourn for cleaning most of the volume as well. We did the series only because of the last two chapters at the end of the volume. I’m safely assuming that they were the oneshots that were used to create Ichi The Killer a few years after the Prequel ended. The “main” story isn’t great, but it’s still got a bunch of immoral Hideo Yamamoto elements that you’ll see in a lot (if not all) of his works.

Enjoy, have a good one.

26 Thoughts to “Blame the Russian, blaaaaame the Russian”

  1. hfgh

    Thank you! Looking forward to checking out I am a Hero and maybe the ichi prequel, since the main series was a strangely good read. Also good luck to the anniversary and christmas releases, can't wait

  2. Caiiiii

    Can you tell me where i can read the i am a hero volume?

  3. Nitouryu

    Download on IRC or read online on our reader (see top menu).

  4. NAVI

    ^ Thank you, guys!!

  5. Ganner_Rhysode

    Agaaain… 🙂 @GGpX: I have written you an e-mail, a few days (now more than a few days :D) ago, give it a read. 🙂 I also tried to contact you on IRC, but I'm still fairly new to using IRC, so no idea if it came through, I guess not… 😀

  6. shiki

    Oh boy!!! Thank you very much for I am a hero and Ichi <3

  7. toji

    Thank you so much guyze

  8. Angelo

    Chapter 143 of "I am a Hero" has 4 black pages in a row . Is it intended or are those pages missing?

  9. laika

    where's mister santas?

  10. dh85

    @Angelo: it's intentional, had the same doubt myself.

  11. kelval

    Thanks a lot for I am Hero.

  12. GGpX

    @Angelo It was intentional.

  13. blueberry

    I am out to eat you all. Except the cutie panda laika.

  14. Yuuko-san

    GGpX, you suck hairy balls

  15. Anon

    Thanks again guys, I always look forward to the next IaaH and you always do a great job.

  16. alice fan

    You guys do a great job. I love staring at the manga pages, Alice in hell in good hands thats for sure.

  17. Massacreix

    Oh yes oh yes oh yes You rule! Thank you!!!!

  18. Simonse

    when is vl 13? where is vl 13?

  19. blueberry

    You suck, GGpX. Where's my pie, huh?

  20. lavendee

    Merci pour Alice in Hell 10 :w00t: Une suite tr

  21. JustSomeGuy

    Hello I just wanted to say thank you for working on Shamo. It's one of my favorite series.

  22. Lucas

    Hello, I am a english-potuguese translator and I'm needing some help to translate some 2001 Nights' chapters, from Yukinobu Hoshino, and I was wondering if you could help me. In fact, 2001 Nights can be easily found over there, but the version we all know is missing some chapters that you can see in the raw. If you want, I can post the raw here. Thank You =)

  23. blueberry

    vl 13 = volume 13, yeah? GGPX is a bum. Hyuhyuhyu.

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