Russian broke the site II

I have bad news!

Site b0rked and every comment dating after news post – “Russian broke the site”, Posted on Thu, 31 January 2013 is GONE. Because we make a backup once every solar eclipse.

in short: Russian broke site, again.

Sadly all your lovely comments like “fmp!????????????”, “pls pls pls..”, “pls?? what taking it so long..”, “fmp!??????????”, “I want my Shameh!”, “how about iam a hero?”, “ggpx stinks.”, “How long do I have to wait :(“ are lost.

20 Thoughts to “Russian broke the site II”

  1. laika

    wheres my comments

  2. GannerRhysode

    @GGpX: I have written you an e-mail, a few days ago, give it a read. 🙂 I also tried to contact you on IRC, but I'm still fairly new to using IRC, so no idea if I did it right… 😀

  3. Carl

    What's the problem with these russian guys? Anyway, if it's only the comments what is lost, it isn't a big deal. I guess.

  4. jojo

    Oh noes, our precious comments….

  5. AnonMKII

    This is terrible. Think of the loss to humanity.

  6. Simonse

    alright! im glad my "how about iam a hero?" thing is taking into account, but just for the record… how about iam a hero? is your fault that the volumes does not go to sale fast enough…

  7. Simonse

    Also, am i getting annoying yet?

  8. laika

    where's my simonse?

  9. schizophoenix

    wheres my laika

  10. evgenidb

    "Because we make a backup once every solar eclipse." That's way too often and wasteful of HDD space. I suggest switching to once every complete rotation around the galactic core. Random P.S. "ggpx stinks." – People can actually smell you through the Internet?! WO~OOOW!!!

  11. laika

    gg sux n stinx

  12. Anon

    Yea GGpX, we don't need you, all i need is a pile of used tissues and lotion. It's a little something i call "improvising"

  13. anon

    Time to make up for those lost comments… Rookies is so close to being finished, my poor little heart can't take much more of this.

  14. Chad

    Dear GGpX. I'm representative from Make-A-Wish Foundation. We have a little boy, Anton Twufoor, doctors say his poor little heart will give out by the end of August. His last wish was to read the ending of Rookies. Make it happen or it's on you!

  15. Cenit


  16. El

    FMP???? There…. Also, you forgot all the " SJG????" Comments.

  17. blueberry

    yes, "gg sux n stinx"

  18. Yuuko-san

    Where is the like button?!

  19. pyromaniac1

    volume 19 of FMP? Can we expect it anytime soon? *hopeful puppy eyes*

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