Releases at 2 in the damn morning.

I’ll get straight to the point because I’m just half asleep.

Alice in Hell 09 (!Alice09 !AIH09) – The newest chapter of our favorite dumb android, Alice!

Shamo v29 (!Shamo29 !Coq29) – A big thank you to the new translator of the series, oxymoron, for picking up from where we left off and translating the series. Hopefully we’ll have v30 done before v31 goes for sale.

Suicide Island v7 (!Island07 !SI07) – Now things are starting to get a little more serious.  As usual, visit Death-Toll to give your thanks there. I was waiting for a good chunk of time for someone there to be around, but alas…

Oh, and big thank you to blueberry-chan for QCing Suicide Island v7. She says,

Ohhhh, I forgot to ask – Could you give us a shout out on your site/release post? blueberry from Blue Flor ( + #irc-distro)  (●´∀`●)

Man, not hungry for once but thinking about those cute goats… (●´∀`●) so cute and delicious…

And so it is done.

Random news:

Alice in Hell: We’ve got ch10 translated, so that shouldn’t be too long from now, I hope.

FMP Sigma: v19 goes for sale in about a month.

HHF: Work’s started on v6. Purchasing v7 soon and v8 when it goes for sale in September. Volume 8 is the final volume for the series.

I Am A Hero: Volume 12 is cleaned and translated, the script is being proofread as we speak.

Suicide Island: We’re hoping to have v8 out in the not so distant future, but speedy releases are almost impossible with this manga because of the sheer amount of work that’s required to be done for every volume. But we’ll see~

If you hjave some questions about other series, feel free to ask away. But first, I need some sleep. Night.

Scientia: We’ll be releasing the rest of the volume in one go, mainly because I forgot a page at the end of volume 2 like some idiot.

8 Thoughts to “Releases at 2 in the damn morning.”

  1. gnoia

    Thank you for taking up SHAMO! You people are my new gods!!!

  2. xfx

    any news on REAL?

  3. fangfriend

    GGPX, thanks for Shamo 29, also your job on Holyland was top notch, your friend in the fang project 🙂

  4. Simonse

    oh yes!! those are some good news for iam a hero!! looking forward!!

  5. andy

    Thanks for updating Shamo, awesome manga.

  6. alice fan

    Alice is not dumb!


    oh god i dont even know how i get in here but whatever! hahaha…where can i found the motherfucking i am a hero volume 12!?? it's getting me crazy!

  8. anon

    We-we so excited 'bout some Hero v12!

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