Sidonia no Kishi v06

Welp, this is our usual “Hangover” release.

Had planned to release it on Sunday, didn’t happen, slacked off for a few days, so… Here we are.

Sidonia no Kishi v06 (!Sido06 !SNK06) – Enjoyable volume. Thanks again to momimomi for translating it. We’re now two volumes behind~ Yay~

Btw, we have a forums problem (The bots invaded again) so don’t bother trying to post on it.

Have a fun weekend .-,

11 Thoughts to “Sidonia no Kishi v06”

  1. robin

    on behalf of nihei fags of teh neterwebs, i tank you kindly from the bottom of my heart. good day to you sir 🙂

  2. stupidflanders

    Hurray, new Sidonia :w00t: we're catching up 🙂

  3. Cio

    Yes Sir, was going to bed already, but not before reading Sido!

  4. Jesus Christ

    thx for sido 🙂 reader please :crying:

  5. niheifanboy

    Any ETA for Volume 7 and 8 plzz ??? addicted to this series and thanks again!!!

  6. Jojo

    Oh, oh, happy time! :w00t: thanks!!!

  7. DOT In love

    I love love love you Illuminati Staff! You made my whole month with this. I thank you, I double thank you!

  8. Opa

    Thank you for the new volume it is much appreciated.

  9. robin

    @ j.c. it's on

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