Our Captcha got owned

So our forums are kinda fucked.

The bots took over. I have over 40 pages of posts to approve.

I tell the Russian about this and tell him to close registration. He says,

“oh damn lol”

and does nothing about it.

That’s how we roll, son.

After you’ve watched Joey Diaz go fucking crazy again, download these releases.

Alice in Hell 03 (!Alice03 !AIH03) – Now we get to Surisuri. Whatever the fuck that means.

I Am A Hero v01 (!IAAH10 !Hero10) – The new volume of I Am A Hero. Typesetting this chapter was a major pain the ass. You’ll see why roughly halfway through. Next volume should be out around Febuary. Big thank you to dh85, laika and kyuubi for their work on the volume. They all worked really hard to get this done.

Odyssey ch03 (!Odyssey03 !Ody03) – This time for Afwicah~ What an awful song that was.

Also, we had two stupid mistakes in Sidonia no Kishi volume 06, so we re-uploaded it. !Sido06 !SNK06 are the triggers. Along with that, we have volume packs for Hito Hitori Futari v2-3. !Hito02 !Hito03 !Hitori02 !Hitori03.

Have a good night, cocksuckas.

I’m pretty

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  1. Silverblade

    No you're handsome Thanks for the chinese comics.

  2. Jojo

    Thaaaanks!!!! Son lo m

  3. demunboy

    alice in hell was awesome thanks

  4. Nintakun

    Thanks for I am a Hero, Guys!

  5. D

    You guys are great, thanks for I'ma hero

  6. Minukawa

    Yay! Finally! Thank you very much!

  7. Vindetta

    The latest release for I am a Hero is greatly appreciated.

  8. kelval

    Thanks a whole lot for IAAH!!

  9. Anononon

    Thanks for I Am A Hero.

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