We’re actually 7 years old now

Yay, we’re a day older than we were yesterday.

I’ve been part of the group for all but a week. I joined about a week after they released their first chapter on November 11th 2005. It’s been a really fun ride so far.

A big, big thank you to everyone in the group for their contributions, no matter how big or how small they were, over the years. I do a lot of work for this group, most people who are in this group know. But I wouldn’t be able to make anything near the amount of releases we’ve been doing if I didn’t get any help from translators, editors, QCers, the whole gang of you. I’d probably pissed off and frustrated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Btw, wanna help us out? We need more staff. Translators, Editors & QCers. Contact me via email, IRC or on the forums. If I haven’t answered your application yet, I will tomorrow. I’ve been busy these last few days (See rest of the post to see why).

Releases. We ended up with 46 total chapters today. We had 2 releases that were canceled (Don’t ask), and 3 volumes that weren’t done on time. 2 of which are totally Nitouryu’s fault because he went drinkin’ & fuckin’ instead of cleanin’. That silly bitch.

Eight v03 (!Eight03 !Huit03) – A full volume of Eight, meaning we only have one volume left to go. Big thank you to eito who did the bulk of the work on the series while I sat around and did… Not much, really. `-‘)

Hito Hitori Futari 28-29 (!Hito28 !Hito29 !Hitori28 !Hitori29) – This concludes volume 3. That’s the bad news. The good news is, volume 4 goes for sale in 2 weeks along with REAL v12. I got something to say about REAL later.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v18-19 (!Tough18 !Tough19 !KKT18 !KKT19) – I should have worked on this much earlier, but unfortunately I didn’t. Volume 18 has an interview with Peter Aerts while Volume 19 has an interview with Yuki Nakai. Both are BAD motherfuckers. Volume 18 also has one of my favorite fights in the whole series. And it also features Denis Rodman. Seriously.

Btw, expect more Koukou Tekken-den Tough by the end of the year.

Master Keaton ch20 (!Keaton20 !MK20) – Russians, Russians everywhere! Are they really Russians, though? I dunno, yo. They don’t look all that Russian to me. They don’t act like it either, man.

Oniwakamaru v04 End (!Oniwa04 !OTV04) – And this fun little monster manga comes to an end. I thought it was a fun ride while it lasted. One more Saruwatari manga completed, something like 20 more to go. I’ve got my work cut out for me. Big thank you to zindryr for translating the series, I love you buddy.

Rookies 215 (!Rookies215 !Rook215) – This concludes v22 as they go into their next game. The drama builds…!

Alright, some small updates for all six of you who care:

-REAL v12 goes for sale in 2 weeks. Right now, I don’t have a translator for it because Molokidan’s retired. So, if you know someone who’s competent and would like to do a volume of REAL, forward him my way. Thanks~

-I Am A Hero v10 is scanned & mostly cleaned. I have a translator for it, but he’s busy because of a lot of things, so his translations won’t be instantaneous. Be patient, okay? .-,


16 Thoughts to “We’re actually 7 years old now”

  1. lolman

    Long Life Illuminati 🙂 Rookies almost done!! Tough?? Tough?? Am I not dreaming? Tough Yeahhh!!!! I'm looking forward to I Am A Hero and Real Anyway, thanks thanks thanks thanks Illuminati :w00t:

  2. rollingnakedsnake

    damn you scared me with the first part, dont do that thanks for the releases.

  3. Hagane

    Congrats on the anniversary. Looking forward I am a Hero too.

  4. zamunda

    Dedication! Thanks a lot!

  5. Random

    Thank you for Hito Hitori Futari.

  6. Nintakun

    Thanks for more Tough, I don't read the first Tough series (I only read the second series by Endless-Abyss scans, but this series appears to be in status there), but I'm glad to see someone is still would like to contine scanlating it. And with the conclusion, I plan to read Oniwakamaru soon too. Looking foward to volume 10 of I am A Hero. MY SOUL IS READY!

  7. Squall

    Happy birthday i remember when i first came here when you did holyland

  8. heehee

    That last chapter of 'Master Keaton' you released is really touching! Thanks for all your hard work, and HAPPY BDAY!!!! How does it feel to be OLD?

  9. guns

    I am Ready ,to be a hero for "I am A Hero" :devil:

  10. Sabu113

    7 years. That's some staying power.

  11. Archer2255

    Congrats and thanks a lot for all the had work! Also,hope it's not just me, but I am always ready for more Saruwatari manga.

  12. Thebear

    i love you guys been reading you released since a cold winter febrary of 2007 baby Hope you guys keep releasing translations/scanslation for the future coming A thousand Thanks brother and sister Love from Cold sweden

  13. Bada

    Thank you for Rookies. It is my favorite manga of all time, and I'm so glad you guys are still working on it. I have a question though, why are the releases so long and sporadic? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining – We went over 2 years with no releases at all so I am very happy you guys picked it up, I'm just curious which part of the scanlation progress for Rookies is the most time consuming?

  14. That Guy

    Big thanks for continuing with Rookies!! Also can't wait for the new volumes of I Am A Hero and Real! You guys are great.

  15. GGpX-

    @Bada Long story short, the typesetter sucks and the translator isn't able to put a coherent sentence together. So both those problems take a longer time to fix than what we'd all like, really.

  16. Crake

    I am somehow happy that I am a hero will be delayed for some time, saves me some nerves lol. Congrats, I haven't heard of any group that lasted for so long, and hope that this won't be last year for you, before "you move on with in real life". Keep up your work!

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