Project update time as we head towards the end of the year~

Alright, so I promised it before and kinda forgot about it, so I might as well do it now.

We have our anniversary two weeks from now, almost day for day, so stay tuned for that.

But before projects, some important updates:

Website: So here’s the deal. It’s not really a project as much as it is just an information center of sorts, but I need to give an update on it anyway… Basically vrex (webmaster) doesn’t know how to fix the Projects page without fucking up the whole website. So unless there’s someone out there who’s either a) Willing to make us a new website or b) Try to fix our problem, it’s probably gonna stay like this.

Staff: We always need new staff. I know that I don’t always answer right away, but I do answer. Someone told me they applied on the forums and I never answered them, but I never found their application on the website. We need everything except typesetters and scanners. Seriously, everything. If we had a couple of extra hands here & there, especially in terms of editing, we’d be releasing much more often.

By the way, check the credit pages for everything we’ve released in the last year. It’s not a coincidence that you’ll see the same 2-3 people on almost every chapter with a different translator. We had someone who was gone for a whole month (August & early September). End result, we barely released anything. So if one of us either quits or disappears, the group is in big-time trouble.

So, again, if you enjoy our releases and enjoy the type of series we release (and will be releasing), please consider helping out. We’re an IRC-based group, but really, IRC isn’t hard to use. It really, really isn’t.

Illum: So I’ve kinda stopped posting updates on it because we haven’t been uploading as much. We’ve recently made an H folder because the two Germs (Icedmand and eito) asked for it, but they haven’t actually uped much to it. We’ve also started uploading some TV series, click here to check the packlist. So what we’re going to do is continue uploading series we’d recommend you read, which includes the recently completed Baka to Gogh. We’ll also be uploading some new TV series (Probably the stuff that comes out on Sunday nights) assuming I can get Zenquibo or BindeR or someone to actually up ’em, because I can’t. If I had unlimited bandwidth, you’d bet your ass I would.

Now onto the projects…

Alice in Hell – We release the chapters a few days after we get the translations. Our translator, momimomi, also translates Sidonia no Kishi for us and Sprite for Death-Toll. He translates when he has a chance.

DoLL – Currently waiting on pnyxtr to complete the chapters, but he’s been afk for a while.

Eight – The project manager, eito, is currently on a mini-vacation of sorts. I call it a vacation, but really I’m not sure what it is. All I know is that he’s using some piece of shit laptop without a mouse and without his cleans & trans on his home PC. So whenever he’s back home, we’ll continue with the project.

Full Metal Panic Sigma – We just caught up to the most recently published volume in Japan. I heard that volume 18 is going for sale on December 9th, but I don’t really see it announced anywhere, so it’s just a question of wait and see at this point.

Hito Hitori Futari – We’ve got two more chapters to do before completing volume 3. Volume 4 is scheduled to go for sale on November 19th.

I Am A Hero – Volume 10 goes for sale in three days, October 30th. I can’t wait.

Idiot Section Chief – Basically, Molokidan’s retired from scanlations (again) and we don’t have a translator for it. Unless he decides to come back to translate it or we get another translator to pick up from where he left off, the series is stalled and will most likely get dropped.

Inherit The Stars – The series recently ended with 4 total volumes. We’re just waiting on our translator, methanol, to translate. Whenever he does, we releases days later.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough – I promise that you’ll see something soon. I need one skilled editor and this series will take off running. Because the huge barriers stopping this series from getting done more often are a mix of me and the lack of a redrawer.

Master Keaton – We pretty much release the chapters as they get translated, really. Master Keaton Remaster’s next chap comes out in December around Christmas time.

Mephisto – See Idiot Section Chief. Same status.

Odyssey – Translator is busy atm.

Oniwakamaru The Visitor – We have one volume left before complete the series. We’ll be doing a volume release to wrap things up when it’ll be done.

Oton – Still waiting for volume 3 to go for sale.

REAL – Next volume goes for sale on November 23rd, if I remember correctly.

Rookies – We’re one chapter away from finishing volume 22. We’ll be then two full volumes and one special away from completing the series. I think it’s fair to think we’ll have it completed in 2013.

Shamo – Basically, we don’t have a translator for it right now. I’ve shown it to a few people I know & none have bitten (yet, anyway). We have volume 27 completely cleaned & sitting in our ftp. I just received volume 28 in the mail. I fully intend to continue working on Shamo, but unless I find a translator for it…

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi – Kuthrow is busy irl, so the project is stalled.

Sidonia no Kishi – See Alice in Hell. We’ll release the next chap ocne we receive a translation for it.

Suicide Island – Volume 06 was originally planned to be a chapter by chapter release, it’s probably going to end up being a volume release again. Reason being, the editor (Nitouryu) is busy raping whores and beating up bums in the streets of Riga, so he’s going to basically do all of the editing for the whole volume in one shot. I also need to get a hold of Uruner, the translator for Death-Toll to talk to him about who’s going to be doing what starting from volume 7. But allegedly he’s on a boat somewhere and hasn’t come back to shore yet.

…If you have specific questions about the series, ask away.

Future Projects – As always, I have some future projects in mind. Everything I have in mind is short and sweet. Most have one volume. In any case, over the next year or so, you can expect some Saruwatari Tetsuya, some Hoshino Yukinobu, possibly some more Tsutomu Takahashi, some Toyoda Tetsuya, maybe some Otomo Katsuhiro, possibly something from Masanori Morita, something from Hanazawa Kengo… Lots and lots of plans.

Bye bye, gotta make dinner.

18 Thoughts to “Project update time as we head towards the end of the year~”

  1. Rad

    Oh, advance happy anniv to y'all! And make it happen: More Morita manga! :w00t:

  2. Squall

    Well riga sounds nice is there an estimated release date for rookies and suicide island.Also keep up the good work i wish i could lend a hand but i dont think you need a very broken russian translator

  3. Jazz

    I'd be down to help, unfortunately I don't know how to speak/read Japanese at all, if you know of a program/method to learning it within a year then I'd love to do that to help out

  4. Falka

    poor shamo 🙁

  5. Anon

    >Toyoda Tetsuya You have my undivided attention.

  6. Punky Brewster

    I hesitated to ask this question, but as I'm a huge fan of Segawa Masaki, I can't resist the urge anymore. I loved your work on Samon and suggest Yama Fu-Tang or Onikiri Jyuzo. OJ is complete; the translator group for YF-T is pretty terrible (can't understand a thing, pun intended), slow and their scan quality is poorer than I'm used to. Both are short and sweet (OJ 4 volumes, YF-T only two so far as it's ongoing and likely to also be short). Thanks!

  7. Gvk

    SJG is stalled again… huu….. 🙁

  8. Nitouryu


  9. Squall

    @nitouryu Fuck yeah you finished your whore raping and bum beating more suicide island soon

  10. Nitouryu

    HEY HEY! Show some respect, we call them ladies and raping is surprise sex. Ladies surprise sex.

  11. anon

    What about priquel to the Ichi The Killer? :confused:

  12. Cirilla

    please do bambino secondo! :crying:

  13. GGpX-

    @Squall No ETA. Whenever they're done. (Tomorrow is Nov 1st, I can download some stuff again!) @Punky Brewster There's no real interest in any of those series, sorry. @Anon Hopefully something for Christmas. Hopefully. @anon That would be fun, yeah. @Cirilla I don't have much of an interest in that series either. Sorry.

  14. Ominae

    Good luck with Tsutomu Takahashi stuff. The only thing I'm looking forward is to Jiraishin Diablo. Unless someone wants to recommend me to try out his other manga, which I don't. I tried reading his new one. Not interested, but an interesting plot nonetheless. Hope no one grabs me and yells at me to keep reading.

  15. Kimchi-han

    Umm… How about Q Hayashida for your next proj? Since GWR's dying now.

  16. bagero

    Nice! Can't wait for I Am A Hero and Suicide Island yeahhh

  17. shuya

    I hope you get a translator for SHAMO, been waiting on that release for Months. Need to know who wins! fucking Toma. Also, pumped for Suicide Island. Loving Koji's work ever since I finished Holyland.

  18. shuya

    And just realized you make TOUGH! as well. God damn it all haha. Been waiting for the conclusion of that fight as well. Hopefully all 3 get going soon. Thanks for the hard work.

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