New series! (I should update the projects page)

Today we have a new series!

We have a new bot called Illum in the IRC room. On top of having all of our releases (Except a handful that I don’t want to spread), we have a recommendation list at the bottom. Our staff has uploaded other series that we’d recommend others to read. We’ll continuously upload more and more series for those interested. You can check the packlist by clicking here. We might eventually take requests on what to upload, but that’s not for now. Today I uploaded Shin Angyo Onshi and Island, both by the same artist.

Hito Hitori Futari (!Hito01 !Hitori01) – A new series by Takahashi Tsutomu. It’s another series about spirits, with a small twist this time! Big thanks to kewl0210 for translating the series for us and to dh85 for doing [almost] everything else.

Master Keaton Remaster 02 (!Keatonre02 !MKR02) – A new chapter from the new Master Keaton series. You don’t need to have read the first series to understand this one. The series are both episodic. Since the 2012 Euro is underway, this chapter has a little football feel to it. Thanks again to /a/non for translating & HappyScans! for editing it.

2 Thoughts to “New series! (I should update the projects page)”

  1. Silver Winged

    Thank you for the Takahashi Tsutomu release! I've been a fan ever since Omanga used to do all his works, and I've been searching for a new seinen series to follow!

  2. Seigiro

    Hey, if you need this to continue, heres the volume 9

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