The Forgotten (Part 2)

Hi again.

First, fuck yeah the New Joizy Devils lost.

Second- We have a second bot in our IRC channel that’s a combination of our releases & a bunch of series that we’d recommend you to read if you haven’t already. It’s all staff recommendations. You can check out the pack list by clicking here.

Third- Looking for staff, increase release speed. Apply if you want to help.

Idiot Section Chief 11 (!Idiot11 !Baka11)

Master Keaton 09 (!Keaton09 !MK09)

My Life Second Example Sawa (!Sawa !Sawa2)


3 Thoughts to “The Forgotten (Part 2)”

  1. fan

    thanks for section chief!!

  2. Gator

    Thank you so much for translating idiot chief!! :w00t:

  3. Punky Brewster

    For your consideration: Tabata Yoshiaki and Yuki Yuugo have begun releasing Young Black Jack, although I don't know if it's in Tankobon format yet (the first volume should be by now). Also, Comic Master J looks interesting but no one's translated yet (out for years).

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