Oniwakamaru 03


As usual, we’re looking for new staff. Translators, Editors & Quality Checkers. The more staff we get, the faster we can put out more chapters.

Oniwakamaru The Visitor 03 (!Oniwa03 !OTW03) – Newest chapter of our demon-transforming protagonist. This time, with 150% more abuse towards bums. Big thank you to eito from Village Idiot Scans for doing the editing and to zindryr for translating.

We’ll also be starting a new series by Saruwatari Tetsuya in the following days… Hopefully. Stay tuned!

We’ve been adding new stuff on the Illum bot, like:

-Blaster Knuckle
-Crying Freeman
-Hareluya II Boy (Someone requested it & I felt like being nice, so…)
-Lady Snowblood
-Lonesome Eden
-Venus Wars
-Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (You must read this if you haven’t yet)

We have a lot of other series in mind that we’ll be uploading in the next few weeks, so stay tuned… again.

Good night, I need a shower.

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  1. Zamunda

    Hey. Thanks for Oniwakamalu! Those are good mangas, thanks for uploading Hareluya. Btw where did you download it from?

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