The Forgotten

There’s a certain theme to our releases today.

Inherit The Stars 03 (!ITS03 !Inher03) – Thanks again to methanol for translating ch3, impatiently waiting for ch4 

Mephisto 27 (!Meph27 !Mep27) – I blame the Latvian.

Rookies 209 (!Rook209 !Rookies209) – The aftermath…

Sidonia no Kishi 17 (!Sido17 !SnK17) – Big thank you to our new translator, momimomi.

Just FYI, a few of the staff are going through their exams period, so we aren’t going to be very active for the next 2 weeks or so.

10 Thoughts to “The Forgotten”

  1. w00t

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  2. hurf

    Sidonia? YEAAHH

  3. signorRossi

    Good luck for your exams. And don't be too much afraid… 🙂

  4. Robin

    Sidonia! Inherit the stars! Sci-fi FTW + mooooaaaarr!

  5. bladystefan

    yay! we want more sido!! :laughing:

  6. benderisgreat

    c'mon, put it on reader :pff:

  7. bubba

    It was nice running across "inherit the stars" in Manga format. the book was published by Del Ray in 1976 or 1978 at least it´s sequel "The gentle giants of Ganymede" was published in july 1978 the author is James P. Hogan

  8. Ganner_Rhysode

    What's the news on Shamo? 🙁 Still waiting and keeping my fingers crossed…

  9. Night

    thanks a lot for rookies, please finish this great manga

  10. bonbon

    thanks for new chapter sido

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