It’s an Odyssey!

Good evening.

I’d like to remind a few things…

We have a new bot in our IRC channel. It’s called Illum and it hosts all of our releases & some other stuff. The staff at Illuminati-Manga has been uploading manga that they’ve enjoyed over the years and felt that you should probably check them out. You’ll see a trend of groups; Mangascreener, Kotonoha, Hawks, Omanga… You could easily say that those are our favorite groups. So if ever you want a suggestion for something to read, go check the pack list here and go to the bottom. If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention it. I’m sure there’s stuff we completely forgot about and that we could upload.

Second thing is, we’re still actively looking for staff. Editors, Translators and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping to increase the pace of releases, please apply.

Now, the releases.

Odyssey ch01 (!OD01 !Odys01) – You know that packlist I just told you about? It contains two specific series that were fucking epic when I read them. They’re called Sanctuary and Strain. They were both authored by Buronson and drawn by Ikegami Ryoichi, one of the most badass author-artist combination in manga history. Well, you know what? So is Odyssey. It’s a 3 volume series (I bought the Wideban, 3-volumes-in-one versions) in the same neighborhood of Sanctuary & Strain. Just one disclaimer, the next chapter won’t be out soon because the translator is really, really busy with real life stuff.

Oniwakamaru The Visitor 02 (!Oniwa02 !OTW02) – Second chapter of this demon series, where we go into a little character development. There’s the obligatory fight stuck in there too, so don’t worry!

Enjoy, have a good one.

8 Thoughts to “It’s an Odyssey!”

  1. Lover_Uv_Gay-kuto

    Thanks for these :). Can't w8 to read Oni :w00t:

  2. Zamunda

    Do you guys have Ushio to Tora, Hareleluya boy and Bastard? I've been searching for these for ages (i'd like to get the original files as they were released by ardneh and the groups who worked on Bastard).

  3. crazyankan

    Sanctuary is a masterpiece, I really hopes that Odyssey will be as good. Many thanks for scanlating it!

  4. laclongquan

    :w00t: Good job, Illuminati! Very nice series from my favourite duo. Looking forward to more from you guys.

  5. galerian_ash

    I've longed to see Odyssey scanlated for so long now that I can hardly believe my eyes…! Thank you so, so much :w00t:

  6. X

    #Zamunda Hareleluya boy has been fully scanlated by a group, don't remmeber the name, but you should look them up on mangaupdates and send them a mail for the raws, I'm sure it's more likely that they will have them, then the guys from illuminati.

  7. Truls

    Just wanted to say thanks for Holyland and Wolf Guy, Great work keep it up!!

  8. Punky Brewster

    Thanks again for Holyland and Wolf Guy! Suicide Island in the future? Or Shamo?

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