Between the adult world and the world of kids, there, Holyland exists.

The lenient law and the reality of violence rules a seperate world.

In that world – He was there, Yuu Kamishiro, he was, without a mistake, there.

I hope all of you enjoy the ending.

Holyland v01, v17 & v18 (!Holy01 !Holy17 !Holy18 !HL01 !HL17 !HL18) – Well, this was a fun ride. We started working on re-doing volume 01 a few years ago because the scanlations weren’t very good and we just got around to finishing it up this week.

A big, big, big thank you to Nitouryu for his work on the series over the last 3+ years. Without him, the series would have gone no where. A big thank you to Phaedris & kyuubi654 for their help redrawing these 3 volumes and to Molokidan for translating.

My Life First Example Chikada (!Chikada !Chika) – Another oneshot from the Itaitashii Love volume.

Oniwakamaru The Visitor ch01 (!Oniwa01 !OTW01) – A new series by Saruwatari Tetsuya, the mangaka for Bad Police & Koukou Tekken-den Tough, while drawing Riki-Oh. It’s 4 volumes long and it’s about demons and MONSTERS. 

New Bot! We have a new bot in #illuminati-manga called Illum. It’s basically a bot that will host both new & old releases while hosting manga that the staff like! So if you’ve ever wondered what some of us like, you can find it on there. We’ll progressively add more stuff on it like some videos and maybe a couple of Apps. You can check out the packlist here.

It took me an hour to write this news post because, well, I’m fucking tired. I need some sleep.

We party like it’s 1999! (in ze germany)

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  1. Jd

    Thanks for the releases appreciate the hard work 🙂

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    Damn, you're good!

  3. Aru

    Thank you so much for Holyland! Can't wait to read the last 2 volumes :w00t:

  4. D

    Finally! Thank you so much!

  5. gonker

    thanks so much for Holyland :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: and I'm very happy and very sad it end this way :crying: :crying: :crying:

  6. Thebear

    wow….i thank you all at Illuminati-Manga for doing this series. i do remember it back in feb 07´. even the first impress me. A thousand Thanks for Translating,scanlatin and having iron conviction to finish this long long series. and again a thousand thanks brother. much love form Sweden man

  7. leokiko

    Thanks a lot, you guys are awesome for scanlating this manga.

  8. deadlyartur

    thx a lot love the releses 🙂

  9. Nic

    Many thanks for delivering us this fine series!

  10. Random

    I love you all so, so much.

  11. xcx

    thank you so much for picking up and sticking with holyland!! easily one of the top 2-3 most impressive mangas i've read! Thank you guys again!

  12. Anon

    Congratulations on finishing Holyland! Many thanks from everyone as well!

  13. Snoop

    Scan groups get very little to no credit for bringing great pieces of art to the world wide community, so all I'd like to thank you guys on behalf of everyone who has enjoyed this awesome manga. Thank You So Very Much

  14. Anon

    Thank you very much for bringing it to us

  15. Shadokem

    Just finished the last volume thank you soooo much for it its one of my favorite mangas and i hope u can keep up the exceptional work

  16. myu

    thank you very much!

  17. Ccursed

    Biggest thanks to you for translating Holyland. It was an epic ending, thanks for all your hard work.

  18. azwald

    thanks for the release, the ending is not too great haha

  19. Kaitorai

    Thanks for the hard work! (bow)

  20. LAiceKing

    I can not begin to thank you enough. Really though, big ups to all the people at illuminati. You guys are freakin awesome love to see all these projects coming full circle. Maybe, just maybe, some day i might get to see the end of *cough*Rookies*cough* before the alzheimers i'm bound to develop sets in. lol thanks again and GO KINGS!:cool:

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  22. Wonderball

    Thank you soo much for Holyland! I've loved it for sooo long and I'm glad to finally see it finished! c:

  23. Jeremy

    THANK YOU FOR HOLYLAND!!! I've loved this manga so much I can't really belive it's finished. I'm also happy with the ending of the story for a moment I really thought the author wanted to finish it with a sad ending… but fortunately it was a good run 🙂 Thanks again guys you rock!

  24. Jac

    I cannot describe how much this series affected me. Thank you so much.

  25. ShiroYasha

    Thank you so much for completing Holyland. I didn't even mind waiting that long, honestly. Good luck in any other projects lol

  26. xyz85-mvb9

    ponies <3

  27. MyBallsAreOnFire

    Thank you so much for getting through this series, it is really appreciated! Really brightened up my shitty week! Much Love! x

  28. penguin71

    Thank You so much for all the work you guys put in! As a typesetter and cleaner myself I know how tiring it can be sometimes. Once again, thank you, and know that you are being appreciated!

  29. Opticz

    thanks guys n girls! :w00t: :w00t:

  30. dan

    Does anyone know where I can order the raw volumes of holyland? Since I have gotten to read a whole manga (and enjoyed it alot) for free so far, I should probably pay up now since the author deserves it.

  31. GGpX

    @dan This is one of the sites I use to buy manga: http://www.aclimatesolution.com/manga/order_temp.html You can make specific orders of what you'd want. Hope it helps.

  32. dan

    thx GGpX and thanks again illuminati for following through on holyland until the end.

  33. xyz85-mvb9

    GGpX you heartless, give me back ponies 🙁

  34. Arman

    Feels sad to be honest, one of my most favorite manga is complete.

  35. heehee

    Thanks for Holyland! I'm a bit sad it ends here… And why does it end that way? Uwaaaaan! Anyway, it was a wonderful ride and I hope there are more even better out there you'll want to share with us :w00t: THAN YOU!!!!

  36. Guni

    I would like to thank you guys for the time and effort you put into Holyland. It has become one of my favorite mangas of all time. Again I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful manga with the English speaking world.

  37. randomname

    [Comment part A:] I can't thank you enough… I was following your Holyland releases since chapter ~60 (maybe), occasionally commenting here and thanking you, but not really contributing… So I *do* know how much work went into these releases, especially considering their *very* good quality and the manpower difficulties. It was the first Illuminati release that I actively followed – nowadays I'm just trusting your taste and also read many of the others. I saw the release and immediately thought "wow, that's it, yet another manga I'm following is over, and one of my favorites"… So I was in an emotional state even before reading the great ending.

  38. randomname

    [Comment part B :] Speaking of which… it hit me hard. I'm not into ambiguous endings, but I thought it was incredibly fitting for all characters, down to the amazing last page. (<SPOILER> I'm saying "ambiguous" because I prefer to believe that THAT death was very real… </SPOILER>) A manga combining shonen and seinen elements, and having an archetypical delinquent story, yet with many other interesting elements… This void will be hard to fill, especially if you consider that Holyland is one of the best fighting manga out there (and by far the most realistic, *maybe* along with All Rounder Meguru and some other MMA series). Thankfully you are releasing other great stuff from the same author ("Suicide Island" rocks!), although I think of Holyland as his masterpiece. Again, many, many thanks for putting so much effort into such good use. Much appreciated. PS. Is there a batch all-volume download anywhere? If not, please provide one (I would seed such a torrent gladly, although I can 't provide IRC bots). The time for a marathon re-read is approaching!

  39. Pyro

    The final volumes of Holyland… what will I wait for now that it's over? :crying: Thank you guys for all the awesome work, I'll never forget you. :crying:

  40. GodUltimate

    Totally agree with randomname on everything. Gotta give it to you guys! You did an awesome job and I sincerely thank you. It was because of you that we were able to enjoy such a heartwrenching heartwarming exciting story. This was the manga I was looking forward to the most cause I knew the author would never disappoint me and every single chapter would be a thrill. So in that manner it is kind of sad it ended. For anyone re-reading it like me I recommend 'You're going down' by Sick Puppies for the action parts. I found it very fitting and stimulating. He was there, Yuu Kamishiro, he was, without a doubt, there.

  41. stickman-G

    Thank you for scanlating this. I enjoyed Holyland immensely and had a blast reading it. Please continue doing great work and know that you guys are appreciated.

  42. Vanessa Q

    I started reading this late last year. At first I wasn't really into it I was like…oh its one of THOSE stories. But, then it just kept getting better and better and …well better and …..(i think you get the point). I actually plan to get in commemoration of this manga. I learned a lot for it and it also inspired me immensely. Eventually, though, I plan to buy the complete series of Holyland (english) and keep it for my children and grandchildren to read, it is really inspiring. Basically, as you can see, this manga really had an impact on me and I thank you, I thank you soo much. It was a good run, an excellent run, quite the work of art. I applaud all of you for all of the time and effort put into this manga. Just wow…(the ending was beautiful)

  43. Vanessa Q

    ….in relation to my previous post I meant to say, "I actually plan to get a tattoo in commemoration of this manga" 🙂

  44. karas

    Thank you so much for Holyland!!!

  45. Justinijan

    I really am thankful for all your hard work over Holyland . So another good manga ends well cant be helped the end was really good this manga was very entertaining til the very end ! Thanks for letting us read this and enjoy in !!! See you 😉

  46. Zamunda

    Das boot, ya? Just read Oniwakamaru, great stuff guys, great stuff. Saruwatari's art has trully evolved! Based on the first chapter i think this manga had a lot of potential, so we'll see what he came up with in only 4 volumes…

  47. Punky Brewster

    Vielen, vielen Dank f

  48. zindryr

    Awww yeah, one comment about Oniwakamaru. Success.

  49. Zamunda

    I'm sorry zindryr… I really like Saruwatari and he's one of those mangakas (like Nagai, Tetsuo Hara, Araki, Buichi Terasawa, Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi, Masaya Tokuhiro) who make me want to read more and more…. There's something that i really like about his art. It's MA-CHO!

  50. Kombocu_Nuri

    Fuck, Holyland! Thanks so so much! By the way, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuXaZwLaofY take a look at this please. Looks like very good.

  51. zindryr

    Nah Zamunda, I wasn't complaining. Holyland is an amazing series so I'm surprised Oniwakamaru got one comment even.

  52. totomaru

    Thanks a lot! You guys are amazing! Thanks to you we're able to read such a masterpiece as Holyland! Thanks!

  53. Jack

    Good job guys.

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