I guess we released something

Master Keaton Remastered ch1:  http://www.mediafire.com/?wzfd6t64j2c3dnl

I’ll upload it on the bot later.

Btw, we’ll re-do the chap when the tankobon goes for sale. I kinda regret not QCing the chapter.

19 Thoughts to “I guess we released something”

  1. Lukis

    Link is dead.

  2. Wtfyoutards

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  3. Punky Brewster

    @ Wtfyoutards LOL!

  4. Wtfyoutards


  5. xcviuah

    @ Wtfyoutards, dude, srsly, calm your self. Not that it aint funny seeing you make an ass of your self, but really man, chill.

  6. Wtfyoutards

    @xcviuah I can't chill. There are way too many dicks up my ass.

  7. xcviuah

    Wtfyoutards, take it out on a punching bag or something, not on here man, wrong thing to do. Keep it cool.

  8. Wtfyoutards

    He can\’t chill because i\’m sucking his dick and giving him a lifetime blowjob. Not to mention i use his username to make a fool out of myself.

  9. Punky Brewster

    ^—NOT ME

  10. Wtfyoutards

    Really bitch? you think you're a smartass, bitch?

  11. Wtfyoutards

    @Punky Brewster Haha, only I would be gay enough to let myself get blown by another guy.

  12. Punky Brewster

    Really? But i happen to know that you go around buttfucking everyone's mom here. i commend you for your guts. i'd also like to offer my sister's if you want.

  13. xcviuah

    Is everyone here gay? i'm also gay and i adore sucking man nipples.

  14. Nitouryu

    certain morakkian has too much sand blown into ass. arab virgin angst at it's best. Please don't bomb our servers. srs.

  15. X

    On a less psychotic side note, I hope you release a Koukou Tekken-den Tough volume soon.

  16. xyz85-mvb9

    Yeah, about that… editing for v18 is quite annoying, kinda demotivates me. I wish we had some good redrawer to take care of it. But oh well, it will be definitely done at some point.

  17. FuckGnatsMan

    Dear Illuminati-Manga, You are fucking awesome. Please keep it up. That is all.

  18. JasonSmith

    Is there any updates on Holyland? A possible release date? Cheers

  19. JasonSmith

    Just saw them on mangafox. Jizz

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