3 Projects Completed

So this isn’t something I’ll say very often, but…

We completed three projects today!  Apologies for the delays, but it happens.

We’re looking for Translators, Redrawers & Quality Checkers to increase the release speed.

I would really, really like to do more Saruwatari Tetsuya (Riki-Oh, Bad Police, Koukou Tekken-den Tough) series. I literally have a full series of his translated (every single volume translated from start to end) but I have no editors for it. I have the first volume of another series of his completely translated, with the 3 final volumes needing a second check. But, again, no editors. So if you’re a fan of his like I am and want to see some of his badass stuff released, you know what to do.

And now, the releases.

Color of Rage. (!Colorof) – If you enjoyed this volume, purchase the English volume done by Dark Horse. You can download it from amazon.com here. Support the English publishing companies.

Full Metal Panic Sigma v15 (!Sigma15) – This was scheduled for late April, so please forgive me for releasing this on May 1st (or 2nd, depending where you live.) An important note about this volume! This is a very important volume to the story of Full Metal Panic because this is the A Very Dancing Merry Christmas arc, which takes place immediately after the events in volume 3 (The events from The Second Raid for a better idea). I have no idea why they skipped this story in the first place, but whatever. It’s being done now. This is a quality arc as well. I strongly recommend all of you read the novel, because the manga skips a lot of stuff. Again, not too sure why. You can read it in English here, thanks to Boku-Tachi. I hope you enjoy the cliff hanger at the end of v15.

Hanashippanashi v02 (!Hanashi02) – This is our translator laika’s baby. He’s put a lot of time and a lot of effort into this manga. So much so that he wanted to write a little something about it:

To keep it short: this project meant a lot to me personally and I’m really happy to see it finished. I’m especially grateful to all the staff involved and also to everyone that supported me and helped this project along the way. Thank you very much.

So I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s a superb collection of short stories. Big thank you to dh85 as well for his hard work on the series. Thanks to Kotonoha for doing volume 01 originally. We’ll be doing more stuff by the author over time.

Wolf Guy v12 (!WG12) – Welp, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Big thank you to tradedaemon for translating all 12 volumes and to klo for doing a bulk of the redraws.

So again, we’re looking for Translators, Redrawers and Quality Checkers. If you’re interested in helping out, please apply on the forums or PM me on IRC.

Have a good one.

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  1. Nesfe

    Thank you for all your hard work. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Ganner_Rhysode

    Again, the same post as in the one before (since no one answered): You guys still working on Shamo? I'm afraid you are gonna let it drop since Wildfang already released it… (But I didn't like their cleaning too much… Many black spaces are still spotty and stuff. And since I worked on scanlations myself years ago, I appreciate the work you put into it.)

  3. Punky Brewster


  4. Nic

    Awesome! Thanks for finishing Wolf Guy!

  5. GGpX

    @Ganner_Rhysode Yes.

  6. toma

    Tnx for Wolf Guy 🙂

  7. xyz85-mvb9

    Hanashippanashi is somewhere near my personal concept of "art". I wish everyone will read and enjoy it the way I did. Big thank you to laika for his awesome translation.

  8. Ominae

    Looking forward to any manga in the future. Well as long as it's interesting. Not that I can list the "interesting" ones out there.

  9. TDS

    Thanks for Wolf Guy :w00t: Looks like a happy ending. Sorta, if you consider all that's happened :whistle: Keep rocking 😉

  10. tsururu

    Thank youfcor your ever awesome work [=

  11. Kenzoak

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  12. nico

    I like gummy bears

  13. Tsuba

    Thank you for Sigma \o/ And for all your work! Your good and meticulous work. I had read the novel A very dancing merry christmas in french, I'm curious to read it in english, there's always differences :laughing: Again, thanks ^^

  14. Punky Brewster

    Any chance of posting Wolf Guy on mangafox or the online reader? My computer is retarded (or maybe I am) and won't accept irc. Thanks!

  15. vanessa.

    A Very Dancing Merry Christmas ARC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  16. Tnak

    Thanks for FMP , I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS !

  17. arihara

    Thnks for the FMP chapters , I'm so happy finally ! Thanks :crying:

  18. Zun-Chan

    Thank you for the release of stigma , excellent chapters 🙂 Any idea when the volume 16 will be traduce ? A big thank you anyway !

  19. Wtfyoutards

    What the hell? these dumb fucks haven't finished Holyland yet? WTF YOU DAMN RETARDS! DAMMIT WORTHLESS TRASH SCANLATING GROUP.

  20. GGpX

    Nope, we sure haven't. You sad? 🙁

  21. zindryr

    I believe he mad. Someone rustled his jimmies and I think it was you.

  22. xyz85-mvb9

    oh HE MAD

  23. Punky Brewster

    @ Wtfyoutards LOLUMAD And never mind read it :D!

  24. Wtfyoutards

    can't you twats come up with something more original? umadhemadshemadtheymadyourmomismad lolol really you dimwits? nvm you twinks, i believe i got over holyland awhile ago don't translate it you twats im movin on. goodbye you lifeless whores.

  25. Punky Brewster


  26. Nitouryu

    Why can't I hold all these MAD's? :confused:

  27. Stamka

    Thank you so MUCH for the Wolf Guy! I couldn't forget about it, and now you just set me FREE! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  28. Kuthrow

    I do say, my good fellows, this chap seems to be quite irascible.

  29. IHaveThisItch

    @Wtfyoutards You Globby, eh?

  30. boobie fresh

    Thank you for Hanashippanashi. And someone please punch that Wtfyoutards at his crotch! He's annoying everyone.

  31. Wtfyoutards

    @IHaveThisItch i'm a what you dipshit? @boobie fresh You stupid spineless faggot i'd beat the fking shit out of you if this were real life. i'd fk the shit out of your fking brains you stupid ass btch fkin cunt.

  32. madao

    just 2 more volumes to end sigma guys! thank you so much for translating this!!!

  33. GGpX

    @madao To CATCH UP with Sigma. Sigma doesn't end at volume 17, it continues.

  34. Wtfyoutards

    I'm so gay. Like soooooooooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaay. I just loooove taking it up the butt. *Chaa* *Chaa* It's why I'm so butthurt all the time. I'll miss everything good in life and die angry. Also, I can't find musical notes on my keyboard, so I use stars to imply singing in general, me singing in particular and songs as a whole because I am just so fucking much into musicals.

  35. Batman_brah

    @wtfyoutards – are you seriously complaining that illuminati hasn't finished translating a series for you to read for free? If you want to read it so bad, why don't you scanlate it yourself? Stop complaining and enjoy the free work you are getting

  36. MyBallsAreOnFire

    Hey, I'm really thankful the work you guys do for us fans, but I would really appreciate it if you could give us a little info on how some of the projects are getting on. Like Holyland says it has been translated for a while now but it still hasn't been released, so there must be other things that need to be complete. I just want to know whats left and possibly how much longer it might take? It would help me sleep a lot better. Thanks!

  37. GGpX

    @MyBallsAreOnFire Redraws, dusting & QC are left. It's mostly dependant on Nitouryu who's really, really busy with work. Also the reason why there hasn't been any Suicide Island, Mephisto & Inherit The Stars releases as well.

  38. MyBallsAreOnFire

    Wow that was a quick response, much appreciated! I wish Nitouryu good luck with whatever is occupying Nitouryus time!

  39. Lukis

    Thanks for releases,also I can do some redrawing,i also applied some time ago but never got answer T_T

  40. herp derp

    Cheers on the Wolf Guy update! Is there anything going on with Sidonia currently? I understand you guys have a lot of projects ongoing.

  41. namae

    so it's time do to ' I am hero' now. anyway, congratulations guys!:)

  42. Sabu113

    Thank you sooo very much for another FMP volume!

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