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If you’re interested, contact me via IRC or email, or PM me on the forums.

Skyhigh IV – (!Skyhigh4) – We had plans on working on Skyhigh 4 for over a year now. Took us a long time to get started, but once we did… It didn’t take us too long to do. If you liked Skyhigh and Skyhigh: Karma & Shinshou, you’ll like Skyhigh IV. We might someday work on some more Takahashi Tsutomu stuff because dh85 is a huge fanboy, but we’ll see how things go.

Big thank you to Molokidan for translating and dh85 for the editing.

As is a common theme these days, I’m pretty tired right now and don’t really all that much to say.

Enjoy the volume.

49 Thoughts to “Skyhigh 4”

  1. loli

    whatever happened to SJG?

  2. deracine

    As a fangirl myself, I always get crazy when there is a new Takahashi chapter I could read. Thanks for Skyhigh High 4~

  3. tsuba

    Hi! What happened to FMP sigma ? volume 15 was translated more than 2 weeks ago, did the proofreading take more time than expected ? :confused:

  4. Cenit

    @Sigma relevant to my interest…

  5. GGpX

    @tsuba I'll start typesetting it tonight. I'm going to try to finish the typesetting by the end of the weekend, but no promise because FMP Sigma always takes a good chunk of time to do.

  6. Tsuba

    @GGpX Thank you ^^ I just wanted to know how far it was (or if it wasn't forgotten), I have my answer 🙂 So we can expect it for next week, isn't it ? :whistle: Kidding, take your time ^^

  7. globby

    Dude what on the fucking earth happened to holyland? It's been 70 fucking days alfuckingready, what the fuck are you guys doing? i know we're getting translationgs for free and shit but you guys should stick with one fucking project and finish it before moving to the next, if you think we're happy about you delaying shit then you're wrong, finish a fucking project then move to the next, there's tons of fucking people waiting for the fucking new chapters of holyfuckingland, i've never heard of a translating group that takes fucking ages to translate a fucking chapter there are groups that translate up to 5 chapters per fucking week, it's been 2 months already and you guys didn't give us shit, hurry up wit holyland please, the fans are waiting.

  8. Hydra632

    Hey globby, if you don't feel its moving fast enough feel free to piece together a scanlation group and do it better yourself. If you read any of the front page updates you'd see people are pretty busy with "real life" and don't have all the time in the world to entertain you.

  9. toma

    So you guys on schedule for a end of April release of Wolf Guy's v12 (like GGpX said on the forums)?

  10. globby

    @Hydra632 Bitch please, it's been 70 days, the fuck are you saying? and why the fuck are you guys translating wolf guy? that shit is disgusting, for real.

  11. xyz85-mvb9

    @globby Umad, bro? If you pushed your stupid hate into something worthwhile, this world could be a better place. We have lives, and I personally am not willing to put my real life matters behind scanlations just to satisfy your impatient ass. Bear with it, will ya? @toma Most likely.

  12. Random

    @globby Cursing and making demands does not encourage or contribute to faster releases. Even so, I'm assuming that the next Holyland release will be an entire volume, rather than a single chapter. Thanks for the release, guys.

  13. Nitouryu

    @Random, you are thinking small. Sidenote – we can start and work on howeverfuckingmany projects we wish. Nobody is in a position to tell us how to run our shit(tho feel free to vent, it's an amusing read). This is not a company and you are not shareholders.

  14. Cenit

    You should delete comments of stupid people and not argue with them. Also you should work hard for more S….

  15. globby

    @xyz85 aye dude, i know you got your real life issues and shit, but i'm saying stick to one project, finish it, then move to the next. @Random alright dude @Nitouryu Arrogant twat eh? Your point is invalid, getting this many fans and keeping them waiting, you really think that we actually like it? i'm just saying, one project at a time is a wise choice, rather than 20 fuckingprojects and update one eachfucking year, that's retarded.

  16. Tsuba

    @Globby And of course I assume that by saying "stick to one project" you meant "stick to the one I want : Holyland" and every followers of others series go to hell ^^ I can say better than the others before me, and if you can't understand that they're doing it for free on their freetime and don't have to (they can stop if they wish, and it's not ungrateful people like you that will encourage them to continue) too bad for you. And Cenit's right, why argue…. did I feed the troll ? :confused:

  17. Nitouryu

    YES..YES…let the butt hurt flow through you. I have no plans on touching Holyland for one more week. Watcha gonna do? You gonna cry? Little boy gonna cry? Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness. Let me taste them. Why would anyone delete these comments? It's primetime entertainment, this stuff should be on Pay-per-View.

  18. GGpX

    Dear globby, I\\\’ll make you a deal. Send me via Paypal $250 USD and I\\\’ll release the rest of Holyland tomorrow night. Tomorrow night defined by 24 hours after you send me the amount. That sounds pretty fair and decent, right? I mean, by just paying me the small fee of $250 USD, you\\\’ll be able to get twenty two chapters worth of Holyland content out to thousands of fans like yourself who are impatiently waiting. But by not fucking paying me fucking $250 USD, you arefuckingholding back those chapters from thefucking thousandfucking fuck fans who are fuckingwaiting for the fuckingfuckfuckingreleases. So, I\\\’ll be patiently waiting for you. Thanks bro.(Oh and also, the Holyland chaps you\\\’ll receive will be \\\”as is\\\”, so those empty bubbles with missing translations, unfinished redraws, pages with dust on them and without QC done on them. Just fyi.)

  19. Globby

    @tsuba No sir, i'm saying stick to one project, i didn't say "stick to holyland". @Nitouryu Look sir, i'll be honest here with you, i always read the mangas you guys translate, regardless of genre or content, i'm a big fan, but you should put yourself in my shoes, if your favourite manga has left you hanging for almost 3 months of course you'd be pissed, i understand that you guys are doing it for free in your freetime, but you guys should look at the fans once in a while, i didn't mean to rush you or anything, so yeah. and my bad if i seemed like a jerk, everyone has their rage moments. @GGpX i would, i really would if i could, but unfortunately i'm just a poor lowlife internet geek, dropped out of university, no job no shit, all i do is read manga, i know this sounds pathetic, but there's nothing i can do, i barely manage to feed myself, and if i don't keep myself busy i get depressed and shit, and the only way to keep myself busy is by reading manga. again, my bad for sounding like a jerk. but could you guys at the very least tell us when holyland might be out?

  20. nico

    On Holyland, it's my favorite manga that you guys do. I check just about every day to see if it is released! But hey, I'll be patient, I know the work must be tedious and you can't spend all your time on one thing, it probably gets redundant and boring! Keep up the great work and I so appreciate everything you've done with Holyland. I'm so excited to read the conclusion. You take as much time as you need to finish it strong! Thanks guys!

  21. Random

    @Globby by jeremy at 7:56 am on 2012-04-02 any news about holyland??? by Nitouryu at 8:27 am on 2012-04-02 Sooooooooon jeremy.

  22. Asslander

    Dear Illuminati people, please don't take anything Globby said to heart. He only speaks for the impatient, entitled ass-kind of jizzbags that think free entertainment is what they deserve on a regular basis. The kind that do not waste their precious few thoughts on real life circumstances those generous souls, who provide us with awesome reads of marvellous tit quality, may face. So, for what it's worth: Thank you very much!!! However… "Gorilla Warfare" doesn't exist. If it did we'd be fucked.

  23. Globby

    @Asslander Not sure if srs.

  24. Tsuba

    "No sir, i'm saying stick to one project, i didn't say "stick to holyland"." First : it's ma'am, not sire ^^ Second : how do you want them to stick to one and only one project ? All the translators/editors/redrewers….on one project ? even if they don't like this manga ? Don't you know how it works ? :confused: And if this manga is still on going in Japan, we have to wait until it ends before picking up another project ? years later ? Third : they do what they want, they translate what they want to translate and we are more than happy to have them sharing their translation 🙂 They have no obligation to do so.

  25. Globby

    i don't care if you're a ma'am or a sir or a shesir or whatever, and what do you mean "even if they don't like this manga"? your logic doesn't make sense, if they didn't like the manga then why would they even start translating it? Holyland ended in 2007 in japan, that's 5 years. Stop making a fool out of yourself, you're basically just trolling now. i'm waiting here like everyone else.

  26. Punky Brewster

    WOW what a clusterfuck this conversation has become! I'm patiently waiting for high quality Suicide Island (ongoing) and Wolf Guy (completed a long time ago). I like how illuminati takes their time with translations because I'm picky about language and so much detail gets lost in it. Example: translation for Sakuran was fucking terrible.

  27. Globby

    @Punky Brewster I know what you mean bro. all i was saying is that they should stick to one project, so they can finish it quickly and move on to the next, that way no one has to wait and no one expects anything. but then again, i'm just a random fan, so i wouldn't know.

  28. rojet

    thanks for the skyhigh

  29. Avatar

    That was a good laugh….. my stomach hurt. :laughing: On FMP thing, our proofreader went MIA on us so that added to the delay.

  30. Cenit

    So will it happen within this week or does that mean it will take another 2,5 months? Also Avatar … any progress on 16 and 17? Like "16 is already translated but all those guys on I-M are slow fucks so i can take the next 4 months off and focus on my life". That would be pretty awesome indeed!

  31. Lukis

    Oh well reading all these comments were interesting..this Skyhigh looks interesting,gotta start reading..also Shamo v27 was released by WildFangs Project few days ago,in april 18th i think

  32. zindryr

    To Mr. Globby, Thank you for taking such an interest in the releases of Illuminati-Manga! It is our pleasure to release these and we are glad that you have become such a huge fan of the manga that we work on, as well as, we hope, our work in general. To address your question as clearly as I can as to why Illuminati-Manga does not just "focus on one project and one project only", let me point out a few possibilities: Holyland may currently be entirely translated. That would leave a lot of translators free to do whatever they may please, which includes other series that they are interested in. The work would come down to cleaners, redraw artists, and typesetters. Holyland may also be entirely cleaned and redrawn, but awaiting translations. This would leave typesetters and redraw artists/cleaners available to work on other series as well with translations and work that may already exist. This lets them continue to work rather than just waiting for a translator to translate so the typesetters can get to work. In summary, scanlation in some groups is not a one person pipeline that would work faster if focus was paid to only one series. Yours truly, Illuminati-Manga (fine print: zindryr does not speak for Illuminati-Manga, and is merely a random translator who works for them occasionally)

  33. Globby

    ehh, any news on holyland?

  34. ShitUpMyNose

    @Globby There are so many great manga, manwha and manhua out there that are being scanlated. So why don't you read some of them in the meantime? I'm sure you haven't read all of them except Holyland. 🙂

  35. Globby

    @ShitUpMyNose i'm trying man, i'm trying, but i'd like to finish Holyland first before reading another manga.

  36. Nitouryu

    I'm 12 and what is this?

  37. Tsuba

    About FMP, did the proofreader reappear ? any news ? :confused:

  38. FMP

    Is FMP dropped ? My god I whish not …

  39. GGpX

    @Tsuba Proofreader is still MIA. I emailed some script change suggestions, waiting for Avatar to check 'em out.

  40. Ganner_Rhysode

    You guys still working on Shamo? I'm afraid you are gonna let it drop since Wildfang already released it… (But I didn't like their cleaning too much… Many black spaces are still spotty and stuff. And since I worked on scanlations myself years ago, I appreciate the work you put into it.)

  41. Punky Brewster

    Hay guyz! AWOL translators for Suicide Island and the final volume of Wolf Guy? Still waiting patiently! <3 <3 <3 XOXOXO!

  42. Tsuba

    Thank you GGpX 🙂 I hope it won't take too long now, I was hoping it for this week :crying:

  43. Kairae

    Just out of curiosity, is there any ETA on the last 2 volumes of Holyland? i saw that it said on its project page that its alread been translated so i thought id ask. Really lookin forward to see what happens lol.

  44. Justinijan

    Im aching for new release from illuminati team !!! Holy and suicide would be awesome 🙂 ! Thanks for your hard work and give us something to read soon pls 🙂 !

  45. loli

    yo man, do I gotta rage too to get some answers? wtf happened to SJG?

  46. xyz85-mvb9

    @loli Stalled.

  47. Kuthrow

    SJG ya say? Hmm… that sounds… familiar… Lemme think for a minute where I recognize that from… uh… um… hrm… …oh! Right! That! Well, y'see, there's this thing called life. Unfortunately it costs money. So I had to go get a job. And to do that I had to move. And that shit has taken up a lot of time. Like, seriously, they expect me to do this work thing 5 days a week, for 8+ hours a day. You wouldn't believe how fast that shit adds up! And then on top of that I have these things called "friends" who are constantly trying to get me out of my apartment or away from my computer. It's bizarre, but sometimes quite fun, so I put up with it. So, anyway, when I get home from this "work" stuff, I'm usually pretty drained mentally and don't feel like doing much. Things I'm particularly not interested in doing include what amounts to more "work". And this "work" doesn't even get me money! Geeze! And with the constant lack of people willing to help me do these things (working on SJG), it comes down to me to do almost all of it! So, in summary, I've been busy and haven't really felt like it. Just be glad I still find time to QC a lot of stuff. (Though admittedly nowhere near as fast as GG would like… In fact, you can blame like 50% of delayed releases in the past 6 months on me. Yeahhhh) So, uh, I'll get around to it when I get around to it. It's pretty much as simple as that. ETA: The Future

  48. Kuthrow

    Good, my plan worked!

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