Bad Police

Bad Police (!BadPolice) – Our second complete Saruwatari manga. Hell yeah. Big thank you to katsudon from Japanzai for translating it. Thank you Mr. Lordof for the editing 😉 While this isn’t Saruwatari’s finest works and there seemed to have been some restrictions on it (Considering it was in a shounen mag) to make it a little less violent than some of his other series, it’s still an enjoyable series with some cool VIOLENCE.

Enjoy Bad Police and expect another new Saruwatari series not too long from now.

Btw, we’re still looking for staff. Jp -> Eng translators, Editors, Quality Checkers. If you’re interested, apply on the forum, email me or PM me via IRC.

Thanks, and good night.

3 Thoughts to “Bad Police”

  1. Thebear

    A thousand Thanks for the release man Nuch love from Sweden. Now for some Bad Police

  2. Zamunda

    Congrats on another completed Saruwatari project!

  3. Punky Brewster

    Wolf Guy? Suicide Island? You guys are the best! <3 <3 <3 XOXOXO

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