I know I said- (+ minor news & new Typesetterer version)

I know a while back I said I wouldn’t be picking up any long series because I’d like to focus on some of our current series and just pick up shorter series because they aren’t huge commitments, but…

I couldn’t help it.

I love myself some Urasawa Naoki.

Master Keaton ch5-8 (!MK05 to !MK08) – We’ll eventually re-do ch1-4. No idea when, but whenever we feel like it I guess.

I bought the [expensive] new edition Master Keaton volumes. I’ve bought volumes 1-8 qt 1,293 yen a pop. That comes out to close to $15 USD and then another $7 USD or so / book for shipping. Expensive hobby. Btw, I originally bought the volumes without any intention of actually scanlating the series. But then I saw the people in HappyScans! doing it and barged in– Well, not exactly in that manner, but we worked something out.

Btw, just to compare:

Online Raw: http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/7825/003djq.jpg

My Raw: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/5273/page003g.jpg

There’s a noticeable difference. 

News time!

We’ll be slow with releases for the next two weeks. A lot of us are busy with either work or school work/exams. So don’t expect anything much during the next two weeks except maybe a chap or two.

illiteracy also released Typesetterer v1.0.0.3 with some minor changes. As usual, download it here: http://illuminati-manga.com/illiteracy/typesetterer/
See you.

10 Thoughts to “I know I said- (+ minor news & new Typesetterer version)”

  1. chie

    Thanks for picking up Master Keaton 😀

  2. jeremy

    any news about holyland???

  3. Nitouryu

    Sooooooooon jeremy.

  4. Punky Brewster

    Damn those are so expensive you could wait on buying the final Wolf Guy volume (if you did). Trust me I know what a budget is like!

  5. GGpX

    @Punky Brewster I already bought & scanned WG v12. I bought Master Keaton a good 6 weeks ago.

  6. illiteracy

    GGpX is rolling in the benjaminses.

  7. Ganner_Rhysode

    @GGpX: When do you think will you have the Shamo volume scanlated? And will you upload the whole volume at once or chapterwise? I have waited over 6 years for this series to continue (the first 19 volumes where published in Germany, where I live, but then it got cancelled). I know it shouldn't be that hard to wait only a few weeks longer, but I'm just so impatient XD

  8. GGpX

    @Ganner_Rhysode Not really sure. I'm going to scan it sometime this week, but the translator has been moving to Osaka over the weekend and doesn't have an internet connection right now. Plus the editor is on vacation for the next week or so. Odds are we'll probably begin our work on it in like 2 weeks. How much time that'll take, who knows. There's not many redraws and it's not overly text-heavy. So maybe 2-3 weeks after that?

  9. Thebear

    A Thousand Thanks for Picking up Master Keaton

  10. traeni

    I love you too GGpX.

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