“The History channel’s the best, man… There’s nothing better than watching the History Channel when they bring someone on with the title ‘Sasquatch Expert’ ” – Joe Rogan


Bad Police ch03 (!BP03) – The before-to-last regular chapter. There’s also two ~50 or so page oneshots after the fourth chapter.

Sidonia no Kishi v02 (!Sido2) – Okay, we’ve finally finished replacing those shitty magazines scans we did with real tankbon scans. We have chapter 16 from the translator, but she’s gone shopping for a boyfriend and subsequently ignoring us.  She’ll be back sometime in April.

Suicide Island (!SI38) – I don’t really have anything to add, to be perfectly honest. .-.

By the way.

Want to see have releases faster?

We need QCers, Redrawers & Jp -> Eng Translators.

I have 3 volumes in QC right now, but my two QCers (dh85 & Kuthrow) too busy having lives, those selfish jerks.

I have a few volumes of stuff that’s cleaned, but no translators for it. And similarly, I have a few volumes of stuff translated with no redrawers to do the redraws.

Interested in helping out?

Email me, PM me on IRC or post on the forums.

Btw, once the QCers come back, we’ll have a release of something that’s long overdue.



  1. Ajord

    Thanks for that Chapter of Suicide Island, Love it. If I could translate I would, But yeah. Sucks that most of the series is already online in Chinese.

  2. Zorp

    Thank you for Suicide Island.

  3. Mors

    Something long overdue? COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE?!!! Nah, probably not. Not Rookies. :pff:

  4. Chore Boy

    Thanks for the chapter of SI. I really don't know why you stole it from Death Toll since you hardly give it the attention it deserves… Anyways, what's up with the recruitment page lol? Dude's getting a BJ. Did that already happen? I've forgotten what happened since you release a chapter like every 2 months lol. Just give it back to Death Toll already. You guys suck :laughing:

  5. Hotom

    Any news on Shamo?

  6. GGpX

    @Chore Boy ;_; @Hotom Same as before. Waiting for the next tankobon to go for sale on March 23rd. We'll buy it soon afterwards & scan it then, then work to having it done not too long afterwards hopefully.

  7. Nitouryu

    lol U MAD?

  8. blurf

    Cheers for the improved Sidonia!

  9. herodark

    chore boy do you know how much time they spend to clean a chapter, they are just under staff and if you want faster release then join them and fucking help them. Don't be fucking leech!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: Thanks for the release SI.

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