Gorrilas cocksucka.

Alright, so.

Bad Police 02 (!BP02) – This chapter concludes the first small arc of Bad Police. Quite the lengthy arc… Anyway! As requested by Kuthrow:

I’m sure I found a way to fuck it up. Russian, come fix up my blunder.

REAL v11 (!REAL11) – Yeah, as many of you mentioned in the previous post’s comment section, this was meant to be released last weekend.  As usual, if you like this manga, please, please. please, support the author and purchase the volumes. I’ve bought volumes 1-10 in English, along with volumes 7-11 in Japanese. Buy ’em from amazon.com. Viz does a fantastic job on REAL.

In any case, see you in roughly a year from now for volume 12.

Mephisto 24-25 (!Meph24 !Meph25) – A late release because Nitouryu decided to log on. Stinky Latvijan! `-‘) Enjoy ~

There was still some stuff I wanted to release today, but a certain Latvijan (Nitouryu) is busy clubbing (people— What, you thought Soviet Latvija actually has real clubs!? Get the fuck outta here.) instead of scanlating shit. Selfish prick. So we’ll release the final part of the stuff eventually.

Anyway, Kuthrow also adds,

[18:33:59] <@Kuthrow> I noticed that you missed “gorilla warfare” in one of your qcs
[18:34:02] <@Kuthrow> nice one 😛
[18:37:41] <@Kuthrow> every time I hear gorilla warfare I think of this pic: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/01/30/article-1132389-033E42C1000005DC-814_468x405.jpg
[18:37:51] <@Kuthrow> because there was a meme about it a few years back.


26 Thoughts to “Gorrilas cocksucka.”

  1. Nitouryu

    You fucked up image embed, let me fix it for you, lil frenchie

  2. Tanya

    Thanks a lot for releasing the new volume of Real. You guys rock.

  3. batman_brah

    Question: where would one be able to get the raws for future shamo releases? which magazine would i need to buy to get the raws?

  4. GGpX

    @batman_brah Shamo comes out in Evening. It's either weekly or bi-weekly, I don't remember. But yeah, we're probably 9-10 chaps behind at this point. Unless the chapters suddenly pop-up somewhere online, we'll just wait for volume 27's tankobon to go for sale.

  5. Kurupt

    Finally REAL! Thank you guys!!! YOU ROCK!

  6. FingHeadache

    Mepshisto, it's been so long :')

  7. TensaiNiNaru

    Thx for the translation of REAL! GREAT JOB!!!!

  8. JJohnny

    First time on your site. Instruct/Enlighten me in order to download Real vol. 11.

  9. deadlyman

    ty for all your work ppl its nice to read new translations 🙂

  10. Riaru

    thanks for REAL Volume 11!!!!

  11. Shoryuken

    Arrigato gozaimasu for releasing REAL! I have been in inoue-withdrawal since Vagabond went on hiatus.. (Um, how do I download v11?)

  12. xyz85-mvb9

    You should come to illuminati IRC channel through an IRC client. When there, either read the topic or ask for help.

  13. GGpX

    @JJohnny & Shoryuken Download an mIRC client (One that is NOT called mibbit). Preferably Chatzilla if you use Firefox. Then, click on the IRC tab at the top of the page.

  14. batman_brah

    @GGpX is money the only thing stopping you guys from getting the Evening magazine or is it just they don't ship it outside of japan? cause if it's just money to get a copy of it, i have no problem paypal'ing you a couple bucks to be able to get the raws

  15. GGpX

    @batman_brah Partially the reason. The way I look at it is, if I buy a new magazine, it'll cost me $5 USD or so to purchase it & another $6-7 to ship it. For one chapter. For that price, I get a whole tankobon which usually has 9 chaps (or the equivalent of ~200 or so pages of content) and in MUCH better paper quality. If you compare our magazine chapters with the tankobons we just released, there's a noticeable difference between them. On top of that, I'm not sure where exactly I could get old mags with the previous chapters in them.

  16. batman_brah

    @GGpX ah i see, alright then that makes sense, damn that's unfortunate haha i've been waiting on shamo for time since the last chapter, but waiting for the tankobon is probably better (a nice huge chunk of shamo at once) any idea when the tankobon for shamo will be released? also thanks for all the work you guys do, appreciate that you guys put this stuff out for us! cheers

  17. GGpX

    @batman_brah amazon.co.jp says that volume 27 will go for sale on March 23rd. So I'll buy it then.

  18. Cio

    thanks for all your work guys! question: will we have sidonia on your next release?

  19. MFDOM

    Thank you for Mephisto, it's great 🙂

  20. Magic 8-Ball


  21. Arles

    REAL 11 was AWESOME! Thanks, guys =D

  22. Punky Brewster

    Magic 8-Ball, still no Wolf Guy? Looks like there's going to be either the end of the arc soon or the end of the entire series. Suicide Island? Pwease? With sugar? XOXOXOXO!

  23. Roger

    REAL!!!!!!thank you very much

  24. Oddysen

    I am looking ever forward to Suicide Island.

  25. guy

    Does stuff you wanted to release today include Knights of Sydonia

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