Recruiting, recruiting

Hi again.

We’re doing a recruitment drive again.

If you want to help us release faster, apply. We’re looking for specifically:

-Jp -> Eng translators

-> Redrawers

-> Quality Checkers

If you’re interested on working on some of the manga we’re doing, apply by either emailing me, PMing me on IRC or posting on the forums. And if you stick around for a bit, you can start a series of your own.

Holiday (!Holiday) – I could use a Holiday right now…

The Truth Behind Things I & II (!TruthI & !TruthII) – I never, ever tell the truth.

Those three oneshots are from the Itaitashii Love volume. I’d have to ask eito how many chaps are left, but I don’t think there’s a ton.

I Am A Hero v5 & v6 (!IAAH05 & !IAAH06) – APOCALYPTA. And stuff. And 2chan!


5 Thoughts to “Recruiting, recruiting”

  1. non

    thanks for I Am A Hero releases :w00t:

  2. P.T.

    GWR is gonna cry, really. They cost a ton of bucks for some commissioned translator. Why two groups not cooperate again? Too much pride?

  3. zombified

    i am hero releases, sweet! TY 🙂

  4. Motsu

    I agree with P.T. Morten from GWR himself said, what he isn't against to cooperate. I respect both teams and truly grateful for all your hard work. And this is why it's so sad when so much work goes to waste. :confused:

  5. Froody

    Thanks for the one-shots, hope you can complete that volume soon.

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