Superbowl Sunday

I’d like to start it off with,


Who did they play? The Giants? Fucked if I care, the Pats lost. 

I uploaded all of the previous volumes of Rookies for those who haven’t read this awesome series yet. The triggers are !Rook01 all the way to !Rook21 along with !Rook206 and !Rook207 for chaps 206-207 from v22.

Now, the releases. A big, big, biiiiig thank you to dh85/xyz for all the work he did on these chapters. He is now going to take a deserved scanlation vacation. (We could use some editors & QCers to replace him, btw, hint hint.)

À La Carte ch04 (End) (!ALC4 !ALC04) – The end of À La Carte. Whole volume download trigger is !ALaCarte – This oneshot is called X-Connect 2001. It’s a continuation of two oneshots in the author’s previous oneshot collection volume, Break Free. I’ve scanned that volume, but I have no intention of looking for staff for it. If some of you want to see it done, come talk with me either on IRC or via email.

Bad Police 01 (!BP01 !Bad01) – Okay, so I was planning on doing Damned by Saruwatari, by an unforeseen change of events. Katsudon offered to translate Bad Police for us, while the other translator will work on Damned probably in late Febuary. Anyway, this is a fun series and if you like Saruwatari Tetsuya like I do, you should give it a go.

Crueler Than Dead v01 (!CTD01 !Crueler01) – A non-h doujin about zombies. It’s really, really fun. Try it out.

Full Metal Panic Sigma v14 (!Sigma14 !FMPS14) – And the fillers continues. The good news? Next volume starts the Dancing Merry Christmas arc.

Holyland v16 (!Holy16 or type “/MSG stuffbot XDCC SEND 43” (without quotes)) – Shit is going DOWN, son. Two more to go. [edit] Yeah, we fucked up. Replace page 21 with this version:

Homunculus v14-15 (End) (!Homun14 !Homun15 !Hom14 !Hom15) – Finally, you must think. Yeah, finally. It took us way too long to finish these last two volumes. But rejoice, 600 fucking pages! I had four or five people read the two volumes, and in unison they were all in awe as they were reading these volumes. You HAVE to read this series. You just have to.

Inherit The Stars ch01-02 (!ITS01 !ITS02 !Stars01 !Stars02) – A manga interpretation of James P. Hogan’s Giants series drawn by Hoshino Yukinobu. A real nice sci-fi series.

Also, if you want to read the Inherit The Stars novel by James P. Hogan, go here: 

Nit: hells, let’s read it while waiting for Prometheus. We need to look for mankind’s beginning… + ancient alien ship, moon bases, this manga has it all.

Itaitashii Love – Kyoko (!Kyoko !KyokoAlt) – Another new oneshot from the Itaitashii Love collection.

Shamo v26 (!Shamo26 !Sham26) – A quick FYI. There are two chaps from the magazines that were merged into one in the volume. The volume goes all the way to chapter 62 and only catches up to where we’ve scanlated. I’ll say it again, we’re looking for raws of ch64+. If we do not get raws, we will simply wait for the tankobon of volume 27 to go for sale and just do those. 

Shark Skin Man And Peach Hip Girl (!Shark !PeachHip) – A fast-paced action series by the Dragonhead mangaka. This series was so good it was turned into a movie. Check that shit out, son.

By the way, we didn’t release everything we wanted. We had planned to release 47 chapters worth of stuff, we only managed to get 33 out. So we’ll have a mini-big release in a week or so, hopefully.

If you have questions, comments, anything, post ’em.

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  1. Pancho

    YOU GUYS ROCK! Homunculus! yeaahh!

  2. DavidAre

    Thanks for the releases 🙂

  3. Martin

    holyland woot. no online reader?

  4. lfb

    Thank you for the scanlations. Congrats on completing Homunculus! XD

  5. Fat_Bunnycakes

    Why can't I see Homunculus on the online reader?

  6. GGpX

    @Martin I tried taking care of the Online reader once, but I broke it. So when the guy maintain it has the chance, he'll update it.

  7. agustin

    thank you very much no online reader or download link???

  8. GGpX

    @agustin No. Learn how to use IRC.

  9. John Lee

    @GGpX it says that your channel is banned? :confused:

  10. John Lee

    nvm tried another client

  11. Blynkx

    Thanks for the release!

  12. Opticz

    🙂 :w00t: Thanks alot guys!

  13. Cenit

    Thanks for the release!

  14. molto

    Awesome release, thanks! Now, if that last throw was caught, that would have been one fucking big reversal.

  15. lembu

    :w00t: :crazy: superb release, at last homunculus !

  16. Pyro

    I was planning on sleeping early today, but you had to go and release a whole Holyland volume, good bye dream, hello Yuu.

  17. In Valen's Name

    Thanks for picking up Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan. Didn't know it had been turned into a manga. I loved those books: Inherit the Stars, The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, Giants' Star and Entoverse. All great. Especially the first 3. Really smart story, hard sci-fi and lots of great mystery. Those books are classics. Hope the manga author respects the story enough to do it right, with the minimum of Japanisms since it's an American-based story, mostly. Good luck!

  18. yui

    Homunculus! D: Thanks for all the hard work!

  19. Lukis

    Wasnt expecting BOTH volumes of Homunculus,shit even Holyland..tnx a bunch

  20. JustDoIt

    I hope that REAL v.11 will be included in the next mini-big release … :confused: :confused: :confused:

  21. Jasonred79

    Nice release guys! But, the only thing is… Izawa calls it Gorilla Warfare??? Surely it's GUERILLA lol!!!

  22. xyz85-mvb9

    My fault, sorry 😛 I thought it was some whatchamacallit sort of supersecret military tactic. I'll bug GGpX to have it fixed asap. And thanks for reporting it 🙂

  23. Mangafan

    You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for holyland and the other chapters. You have no idea how grateful I am :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

  24. DooBrondo

    Oh my god, thank you for Homunculus ;A;!

  25. Zera

    Awesome Holyland is awesome! Big Thanks!

  26. randommangareader

    YES! HOLYLAND! 8D Bless you wonderful wonderful people XD – I’m really interested in helping out with scanlating etc, but i'm useless and know nothing. You are greatly appreciated XDDD

  27. kage

    Thanks for Homunculus and Holyland/ You are awesome!

  28. Anon

    Thank you for your hard work on Homunculus!

  29. pknoctis

    YEEAH HOLYLAND!!! Thanks a lot yo

  30. Elena

    Thank, thank, thank, thank you so much! I'm especially happy about Homunculus. You're the best, thank you for all the goodies and your hard work :laughing:

  31. ten

    thanks for more Holyland but I think you meant "Guerrilla warfare" not "Gorilla" 😉

  32. Justinijan

    Awesome release :tongue: Thanks

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  35. mardi

    where was the link ?? i couldn't find it anywhere..

  36. xyz85-mvb9

    @ten Read the post above, there's an edit where you can grab the fixed holyland page. Sorry again, shit happens :p

  37. blurf

    Inherit the Stars is interesting so far, thanks for picking up series like this.

  38. molto

    btw, anyone knows where to get homunculus v1-8, going to previous scanlators page, I get exceed connection limit (haven't been to that scanlator page since 07). Don't remember where I stopped reading this manga, gotta read it all over again 🙂

  39. Kioras

    Least you could do is always link the publishers free online book for Inherit the stars, by James P Hogan. 😀 Very good series of books, however it is hard science-fiction, and if you pay attention to the date it was written, you can see how some things were right and wrong on tech.

  40. GGpX

    @Kioras Yeah, I forgot to include that. Gonna edit the post. I wish I could get a real version of the book I could read while at work or on the subway.

  41. TheBear

    W00t W00T TACKE FOR the Release. Love it and kkep em coming ababy p.s. TO excited to write today But anyway A Thousand Thanks

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    DH mangaka! finally!

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  45. Retardihno

    Hey GGpx how is the REALv11 project going ?

  46. Kuthrow

    @Retardihno: It's currently waiting on me. AFAIK. In fact, all the stuff that didn't get released is because I haven't gotten to it >_>; But hey, xyz got to half the stuff I was supposed to do…

  47. Punky Brewster

    Thank you for Homunculus and Holyland! Let's hope this streak of good luck ends in a WG update 😉

  48. boon

    Can I ask for Itaitashii Love raw please?

  49. GGpX

    @boon The person working on it is using German raws. Don't think there are Japanese raws online.

  50. Anon Ymous

    Errr, for Holy Land, the translation for when Izawa describes what kind of warfare they're gonna use should be "Guerilla warfare" instead of "Gorilla". Just saying.

  51. Retardihno

    @Kuthrow I keep my fingers crossed, hoping REAL will be released during the mini-big release GGpX wrote about … :whistle:

  52. Robin

    Inherit The Stars seems to be really great from these first 2 chapters! Sci-fi ftw! Thanks + MOAR

  53. GGpX

    @Anon Ymous Yeah, we know. We even put the replacement page in the news posts if you had bothered reading it.

  54. the_frickerman

    As we say in spanish, the good, if brief, twice as good: You guys simply rock!! Thx for Homunculus! I´m translating this to spanish with the help of your version so this is really wonderful news to a lot of people 😀

  55. Reallllllllllllllllll

    @GGpX Are you going to upload the new REAL during the next mini relese ? I cant wait

  56. YK

    Thanks very much for the Holyland. Things are getting awesome. What's the translator situation for volumes 17-18?

  57. anonymous

    Thank you guy for Sengoku scan 🙂 When appears the chapter 30? :w00t:

  58. Onx3

    @GGpX @Reallllllllll Yeah what happened with Real. I tought it would be released during that release?

  59. Peace Walker

    Thank you so much for Homunculus, guys. Truly the greatest manga I've read so far, couldn't have done this without you!

  60. bastian

    Thank you for doing the Homunculus series to its end. I found it deeply affecting, the series really touched me on a personal level. An amazing (and sad) end to an exceptional series. Once again THANK YOU!

  61. baybayr

    Thx for the releases 😀

  62. sweatness

    So i finally got the chance to read inherit the stars and shark skin man and i must say so far both of them are pretty great, liking inherit the stars more though. 😎

  63. Juan

    Thanks a lot, though the Homunculus finale sucked.

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