Rookies 207

I have a question for you Brits.

I’m from North America and I’m planning a trip to the London in the next few months.

Do you need a special extension to plug in the wall for stuff like a laptop?

I ask because I don’t want any bad surprises when I get there.


Rookies 207 (!Rook207) – Newest chapter of Rookies. As usual, thanks to Deadbeat-Scans for their help on this chapter.

I recommend you all come back sometime tomorrow night at roughly this time.

9 Thoughts to “Rookies 207”

  1. someone

    UK uses 240V for AC, so you will need to make sure any AC equipment you bring supports that. The plug is different too, so you will need to get a travel adapter for your laptop plug.

  2. Nitouryu

    Brits with their BS 1363 standard (BS as in BullShit). Fucking it up for the rest of Europe since 1947.

  3. xyz85-mvb9

    @Cenit God, you really don't have anything to do to keep you busy for 20 hours approx and just forget about FMPS for a while? Really? Come on man… It's like your whole life is centered around this manga :p

  4. Froody

    Please let there be some Homunculus tomorrow :laughing:

  5. NeX

    Is there any news on REAL yet ? :/

  6. Cenit

    @xyz85-mvb9 You pretty much got it … and that without me even mentioning the word Sigma :3 Keep it up!

  7. el

    short answer to the question: yes. long answer: yes…. <—- put in a few extra dots

  8. Tex117

    Prolly, you guys have a different socket to us, I think. Need a converter or something. Google is typically a good idea for this kinda thing.

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