Happy New Years, 2012 edition.

Welp, happy New Years to all.

First the releases, and then I’ll edit the post about the extra stuff.

Like the Christmas release, I had planned to release more stuff today, but alas we couldn’t finish it. So it’ll be for some other time.

Hotel (!Hotel) – This is a joint with Japanzai, who graciously translated and did some of the editing for this oneshot compilation volume. This ended up being a much bigger pain in the ass that I thought it would be, but oh well, it’s done. And it was a lot of fun, too. Two of the stories in this volume are just real bizarro.

Rookies 206 (!Rook206) – The beginning of volume 22. As usual, thanks to the people in Deadbeat-Scans for their help.

Sengoku 29 (!Sen29) – This concludes volume 3. I’ll make a volume pack for this and a few other series at some point in January.

Sidonia no Kishi v03 (!Sido03) – Thanks a bunch to Elkin for taking time out of her drawing to finish translating the volume  We might be getting a little more Sido soon, too.

Suicide Island 35-36 (!SI35 !SI36) – Been a little bit of a long time coming. Big thank you to a new cleaner of ours, BlackJack, for doing the redraws for ch36. The translator is still pretty busy with real life stuff, so I don’t know when the next chapter will be.


Now for the state of the projects. If I don’t answer your question, feel free to ask and I’ll answer.

I also updated the project page with some probable future projects of ours at some point this year, with the exception of Break Free probably.

À La Carte – The translator who did ch1-3 is gone. Don’t think he’ll be coming back. So we need a translator to finish ch4 or this one’s not gonna be moving any time soon.

DoLL – It all really depends on pnyxtr and how motivated he gets to finish this one up. He doesn’t have much time to spend on scanlation-related work anymore, so I don’t really know when the next chapter will be.

Full Metal Panic Sigma – Our translator, Avatar, recently mentioned that he’s got a new job and real life matters that are more important than translating, but that he’d try to translate v14 by the end of January. Once we get that, though, the release shouldn’t be long after.

Holyland – I’m not sure exactly about our translator situation for v16+, but here’s hoping I find a way to settle it.

Homunculus – Long story short, translator doesn’t have the time right now. Between juggling university, a job & a girlfriend, translations aren’t his main focus right now. I spoke to him this week and he’s said that he’ll try to get some work done on the volume. But like I said, this isn’t really his priority right now.

I Am A Hero – I honestly don’t know. Although something’ll happen sooner or later possibly.

Itaitashii Love – eito, the one doing all the work on this series, is currently addict to Skyrim. ETA unknown.

Jackals – Should be a chapter released within the next week or so.

Keiyaki no Ki – See Itaitashii Love.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough – Okay, here’s the deal. For this series, yours truly can translate pretty quickly. Only problem is, I don’t have anyone to do the redraws right. xyz is tired of doing these redraws, so he’s taking a break from the series to do some other series instead. So in short, if you feel like helping, apply either on IRC or by emailing me. These aren’t easy redraws either, so you need to be able to do a certain level of redraws.

Mephisto – Will be active soon enough, believe it or not.

My Street – Closer and closer to getting dropped.

Oton – No new volume, nothing new here.

REAL – I just purchased volume 11 yesterday, literally. It’s being shipped my way and will be here in ~10 days or so. Second problem is, I don’t have a translator for it now that Molokidan’s retired from scanlations. So… Translators, hi! 

Rookies – someone2040 from Deadbeat-Scans is pretty busy with work these days, so releases are going to be irregular.

Saru Lock – I gave Death-Toll my raws for volume 5 & scanned volume 6 for them. Once we release ch39-40, we’ll be officially dropping the series.

Shamo – Same thing I told you guys last time, I’m still looking for raws. If you find me raws, I can continue with the magazine scans temporarily. If not, you’ll just have to wait for the tankobon. Speaking of tankobon, we’ll start working on the tankobon release of volume 26 at some point in January. Maybe in time for a late-January release? I kind of doubt it, but we’ll see.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi – Kuthrow’s recently moved & got a new job, so I don’t know when the next release is going to be seeing as he’s been very busy with real life.

Sidonia no Kishi – Hoping to have a release of volume 2’s tankobon shortly. As for v4, it all depends on how badly the translator (Elkin) is getting whipped by her bosses in China.

Suicide Island – See Homunculus. Same translator.

The Life And Times Of An Idiot Section Chief – Nitouryu hasn’t had the time to work on much lately, this included.

Tista – Remains stalled until… I dunno.

Wolf Guy – Volume 11 is completely cleaned, but the translator doesn’t have the time to translate right now. See a common theme with a lot of our problems?

So here you go.

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  1. Anon

    No FMP! Sigma. GGpX, I'm disappoint. Nevertheless, Happy new year.

  2. jonathan

    were are the chapters???

  3. rollingnakedsnake

    wooww thanks a lot for the nihei release i get high with that shit, you guys fucking rock ur the best scanlation group i know you already know that but fuck it, happy new year.

  4. randomname

    Happy New Year! :laughing: Take your time with Suicide Island, just don't drop it, please! 😉

  5. Umm

    Huh, so you rescanlated Hotel and Present using a (bad)retranslation from French? How retarded (pardon my French) is that?

  6. GGpX

    Then don't read it. ?_?

  7. ginco

    are individual sidonia chapters available for download? cause I've read upto 13

  8. HR

    So very sad for Homunculus 🙁 I was really looking for it being complete. No hope even for the penultimate volume? The page says it's already edited.

  9. Lover of Gaykuto

    Happy New Year! I hope you'll keep releasing quality manga stuff in 2012 and the following years. THANKS to EVERYONE involved.

  10. GGpX

    @ginco Nope, a volume pack. We did some tweaks to chapter 12-13 and completely re-scanlated volume 11 from the crappy raws we had before. @HR Sure there's hope. We've edited the two remaining volumes. All it takes is either a new translator or our current one to find some free time and we'll be back in business. It's just that right now, it's pretty much a stalemate.

  11. anklebreaker

    http://www.rawmangaland.com/2011/04/real-10-volume-ongoing.html u can use this. It's an already scanned REAL VOLUME 11. just have to find a translator. too bad for Real … i was looking forward for Volume 11

  12. Arpad

    Despite all the problems with the lack of translators and time, we really do appreciate all your effort and dedication to the cause! Thank You GGpx and have a very happy new year.

  13. Ars Magna

    @HR I translated 1/4 of Homunculus vol 14. I'll eventually finish it but Suicide Island vol 4 has higher priority for now. (just 3 chapters left anyway)

  14. Justinijan

    thanksssssssssss for all the work and happy new year ^^

  15. Justinijan

    Damn and here i thought that all this was releases damn it anyway thanks for your hard work over the year !!!

  16. anon

    Sidoniaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy New Year.

  17. Punky Brewster

    Yay Wolf Guy! Please don't drop Suicide Island. Also, I know this is stupid and time-consuming, but if the manga being translated is already in a language that uses English or Cyrillic characters (I don't know if your PC allows you to type in an Asian language), there's always Google Translator. At least it's better than not having one. Somebody apply for a translator job at Illuminati!

  18. Peace Walker

    I could probably retranslate Homunculus from the Portuguese releases… They're currently on the 14th volume, the 15th will be out soon, hopefully. Let me know if you're interested, GGpX.

  19. mathi36

    Hey GGpX! Will be looking forward to see Real11 :D. If you need some help cleaning it, drop me an e-mail or rather pm me.

  20. yoshiki

    :crying: :crying: :confused: :confused: What about Real!!! Isn't there anyone who wants to translate REAL ( volume 11) ???

  21. Zero

    Happy new year!!! No matter what anyone says, you guys are an amazing group. Thank you very much for all the handwork and effort you put in your scans!

  22. Kudos

    Thank you for suicide Island. Looking forward to Real 😀

  23. Fangoroth

    Glad this is the last volume of Wolf Guy I have to wait for. I started reading when it was getting 2 ups a week, sometimes more ( back around chapter 40 I think ) and after that it just got so sporadic. But soon, no more!

  24. awlsome

    Thanks for Sidonia and Suicide Island. Looking forward to more I Am A Hero(please don't drop), Jackals and Wolf guy.

  25. awlsome

    nvm on jackals, just found out the author ended it 🙁

  26. prvkshfajv

    More Sidonia? Holy shit! Thanks for this.

  27. Machete

    Come on guys! you just have to compare the first page of you hotel version with the one of kotonoha to know you screw it up -_-' i totally don't want to read that release EVER but thank you for sidonia =)

  28. GGpX

    @Machete I'll give you the same advice as I did to the other dumb cunt who complained; Don't fucking read it then. I mean…

  29. Dereks

    did you receive Real v11 already (it's been 10 days already!)

  30. nico

    Holyland! I know it's almost complete right? It's one of my favorite mangas, please see it through to the end! We all appreciate you guys very much!

  31. Sabu113

    More FMP news <3. Thanks guys appreciate all the work you put into the translate it for us poor FMP fans. <3

  32. Jade

    I think the priority is Holyland since it's been stalled for a while, and there's isn't much left : Hope to see the 3 volumes left translated!

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