Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas


Release time.

Compared to our last few Christmas releases, this one is rather underwhelming with only 39 chapters spread over four volumes. Unfortunately, since our anniversary release we’ve all had our share of stuff keeping us busy in real life. We’re hoping to have our annual “hangover” release in a week or so. If everything goes to plan, and if you know me, it never does, then we should have approximately 4 volumes worth of stuff ready then as well. After that release, I’ll make one of my “project status” posts.

First, a big big biiiig thank you to xyz85-mvb9 and Phaedris for doing a lot of the grunt work for these releases. If they hadn’t been around, we wouldn’t have any releases today. Seriously, none. Zero, nilch. So I owe these two a great deal of gratitude.

Holyland v15 (!Holy15 or !HL15) – Big, big thank you to Laika for translating this volume.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v16-17 (!Tough16 !Tough17 or !KKT16 !KKT17) – Volume 16 & 17 concludes the Muay-Thai arc of the series, and leads into one of my favorite volumes of the series. If there are some of you who’ve read the sequel to Koukou Tekken-den Tough, you might recognize someone at the end of v17.

Also, unless someone volunteers to do Koukou Tekken-den Tough’s redraws, we’ll be taking a small break from it. xyz85-mvb9 has been slaving away at the last four volumes with some help from Phaedris on some redraws.

So if you want to do some redraws on Koukou Tough, PM me or Nitouryu on IRC (Or email me) and we’ll give you a test. If you can pass this test, then we can continue the project. And depending on how fast you are, we can possibly get the ball rolling fast because I can translate a full volume of over a weekend. Just saying.

Shiba Inu (!Shiba or !Inu) – This is a collection of oneshots from Masanori Morita, the mangaka of Rookies and Rokudenashi Blues. He is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked and underrated mangakas around. The two part oneshot named Shiba Inu are superb and I recommend you all download and read.

I hope you enjoy.

Have some happy holidays and stuff. `-‘)

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  1. Riaru

    Real Volume 11 Please!

  2. Geek

    Merry Christmas to u2 !

  3. Ccursed

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Justinijan

    Merry christmas too all here but wtf no releases? 🙁

  5. Tex117

    Merry Christmas~! 😎

  6. Punky Brewster

    Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule! Love you guys!

  7. Gatts

    Wow, you guys rock! Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  8. gatto

    Merry christmas, and thanks for the releases. 🙂

  9. Justinijan

    Thanks for the releases now 😛 😉

  10. Cappellomatto

    Thanks a lot for Holyland!! this volume gives me goosebumps can't wait to see the end! Thanks again and merry christma!!

  11. randomname

    Merry Christmas, guys, and many thanks for the massive releases! So, Holyland is approaching the end, huh? The latest chapters were very good in terms of both content (character development / fights) and general "tempo". Hell, even the yakuza 😎 speech was interesting. Can't wait for more! BTW, Yuu going after a moving car barehanded was pretty idiotic (to say the least), but that doesn't make that scene any less awesome. Their expressions were priceless! :tongue:

  12. 1x1

    Thank you so much for the HL volume! A real treat for Christmas!

  13. thaman :w00t: Holyland 15, tough 16-17 AND HANMA BAKI 32 for a new group!! this is too much, this is too much!!

  14. Pyro

    OMGOMGOMG, shit just got real, can't wait for the final three volumes of Holyland :w00t: Seriously, best manga ever.

  15. GodUltimate

    holyland was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking awesome I can't even describe!!! Goosebumps throughout the second half. Those who dare sully owr holyland will recieve HEAVY punishment. ughhhhhh

  16. pK10x

    Thanks for the release guys! Amazing quality as always. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to the entire Illuminati-Manga team! HolyLand was amazing. His expression right before he chases the car sent shivers down my spine. Can't wait for the next volume.

  17. Panbear

    Holy Crap…That cliffhanger after Holyland was pretty cruel…but nonetheless, an ENTIRE volume?! Thank you guys so much — that was an awesome Christmas surprise. I can't believe there are only 3 left =( I hope you guys enjoy your holidays as well!

  18. Guidedbyvoices

    Hello. I'm usually not one to comment but your work for Holyland is fantastic. The manga is simply outstanding, I've never enjoyed reading a manga that much (besides Ares). Even thinking of Yuu and his fights sends a chill down my spine. Thank you very much for translating it, I'm grateful and glad being able to read such great stuff so conveniently. YOU ROCK.

  19. Zack

    :crying: I want you guy's to know that I really appreciate what you do for the Anime/Manga community. Believe it or not, this has made my holidays. I wish you all the BEST and merry christmas!!!!

  20. anklebreaker

    Hi, guys. I just wanna ask the illuminati manga crew if they are currently working on translating REAL VOLUME 11 ? Please tell us if you are working/ not working on it so that we know what to expect .. :confused: That lack of info about REAL VOLUME 11 is killing all the fans waiting for it .. translated … I know it's hard on u guys ( the Illuminaties ) but please find some time and enlighten me about the current phase of the project … Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays

  21. Zamunda

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for your hard work! Please keep on rocking!

  22. GGpX

    @anklebreaker Read the last sentence of the first paragraph I wrote. "If everything goes to plan, and if you know me, it never does, then we should have approximately 4 volumes worth of stuff ready then as well. [b]After that release, I'll make one of my "project status" posts.[/b]" So just wait a few days, okay?

  23. anklebreaker

    Thanks! I know that you got A LOT of work so i didn't mean to push u or smth like that … i didn't see the last sentence or rather i didn't figure it out … Your answer is more than satisfying for me. That's what i wanted to hear 🙂

  24. signorRossi

    Thanks for Holyland! As for Real 11, it's the most happily anticipated manga for me for this (or the next :wink:) year.

  25. hhh

    Well gentlemen, it seems as though Yuu has developed his balls big and hard enough to drop a nuke on the city. It shall be quite a beautiful sight.

  26. el

    HOLY FUCK the latest holyland !!!! It gave me goosebumps and even a thirst for blood when I read it OH GOD I LOVE THIS FEELING <—- still in rage after reading it hence the caps!!! Thank you so much guys!! And merry christmas!!

  27. R3c0

    Thanks a lot for the most epic chapter, of all time, of holyland. Just who in is sane mind kidnaps Izawa Mai, she is protected by 2 :innocent: :pff: :pff:

  28. Nikki

    Hey illuminati-manga, hope you had a good christmas! I was wondering how the latest volume of the wolfen crest's translation is going? I don't thiink you've mentioned it for almost 2 months now T__T Thanks, Nikki x

  29. Fat_Bunnycakes

    Awww. No homunculus? Dis make Fat Bunnycakes sad

  30. Thebear

    A thousand Thanks brothers And Sister i hope you have/had a great christmas and hopefully even more awesome New Years Eve Love from cold Sweden baby P.S. thanks for the Chapter Release man

  31. Kurtzin

    :whistle: i just wanna say thank u for releasing HH i cant wait for next volumes.. hope they dont take long since HH is in chapter 182. Happy New Year to us all an God bless us all LETS GO KAMISHIROOOOOOOOOOO :innocent:

  32. yeuh

    soooo whens the next volume comming?

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