To start the New Year on a good foot,

We’re releasing two volumes that were supposed to be released on Christmas, then on New Year’s Eve, but we couldn’t finish them in time.

That’s life, shit happens.

On top of that, we have three pages from Sidonia no Kishi that (for whatever reason) didn’t get fixed. Maybe I deleted the changes my accident when I was doing the QC, but they weren’t done and they clearly were on the QC file… And I finalized the wrong version of the cover. Sorry! So if you want to download those fixes, I uploaded a new version of Sidonia no Kishi v3 on the bot and I upload the three pages here, so clicky clicky.

For starters!

I Am A Hero v04 (!Hero04) – We started working on I Am A Hero v04 a few months back, but as most of you know the joint between Gantz_Waitingroom pretty much broke down and they released their own version. No problem from me. It’s mainly my fault, anyway. The translator who did volumes 1-3 for us, laika, is more interested in other series than this one while the translator who did volume 4, Saber^^, did it as a favor and has since left the group. So in short, I don’t have a translator for the series right now. I’d like to continue the series because I think that it’s one of the best series we scanlate. But without a translator, I’m basically fucked. So… Yeah.

Jackals v07 (!Jack07) – The final volume of Jackals at last. A big thank you to Nitouryu for doing the majority of the editing on the series, Icedman for typesetting a big chunk of the series, Kuthrow for QCing a big chunk (and for telling us off) and abcd9164 for picking up the translation work for volume 6 & 7. Sorry we couldn’t do this faster, but that’s life for this group. So now we can chalk another one up as a complete project. Nitouryu says:

.:22·31·13:. «!GGpX» Kuthrow, got anything you wanna say about Jackals? So I can put it on the news post
.:22·50·26:. «@Nitouryu» you can put this from me “One and a half year ago I said we’d finish it by end of 2010. Should have gone into politics!”

Also, we made a volume pack for Jackals v06. (!Jack06)

Btw, I’ve updated the projects list with some Future Projects of ours. All of those series have been completely scanned and are just missing a translator. With the exception of Horobishi, which we should start working on in late January or early Febuary because the translator has been busy & took a long deserved vacation, and Damned that also needs an editor, all of those series are just missing a translator to get going. Some of those series, like 1 and Sky High 4, are already completely cleaned. Just needs a translator. Sounds like a common theme, doesn’t it?


19 Thoughts to “To start the New Year on a good foot,”

  1. Punky Brewster

    Suggestion for future projects: MPD Psycho (it was dropped and no one's doing it anymore), Vampire Hunter D, Chunchu (same creator as Jackals, on hiatus and dropped), Fuan no Tane Plus (don't know what happened there, only a few sporadic chapters). Love the look of the new projects and hope your translator reappears!

  2. GGpX

    Your first three suggestions are all licensed, so I don't think we'll really think about going down that road. For Fuan no Tane +, the group last released a chapter 2 & a half months ago, so I don't really want to step on their toes and I don't know how much interest I'd have in it to be honest.

  3. Peace Walker

    GGpX, don't know if you've read my comment on the previous post, but if you're interested, I could translate v14 and 15 of Homunculus. I'd be retranslating from the portuguese releases, the 15th volume is coming next month.

  4. powerman

    As always thanks for your releases. It's also great you're gonna pick up Sky High 4. I really liked the first two series and what's scanlated so for of the 3rd. I wish I could help you with translating but I don't know any japanese.

  5. Zamunda

    Hey, thanks. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to more of Saruwatari's mangas!

  6. Levankua

    Thanks for doing all this guys, irc download is a little different but I just could wait. I'm going to try to read all your stuff next.

  7. GGpX

    @Peace Walker That's a possibility, yeah. Listen, email me around the end of January. If we haven't made any progress since then, then we can probably set something up.

  8. Ccursed

    Just to ask, none did find a Raw of the latest Shamo till now, did one ? Really liked the series and did try to search for the latest one, but couldnt find it, hopefully someones going to upload one.

  9. The awesome one

    I agree pls do translate MPD Psycho I will be soo happy it will be the best present for me! :w00t: (I even myself thought translate it form Korean but I sitll nooby on Korean)

  10. Peace Walker

    @GGpX All right, better wait for the release for the last volume anyway

  11. Justinijan

    Thanks guys !!!

  12. Punky Brewster

    I'm only making more requests because I don't know who else to ask…and yeah I know it's useless without a translator. Record of Lodoss War: Legend of Crystania and Record of Lodoss War: Welcome to Lodoss Island. Not sure if either of them are licensed although I'm pretty sure Crystania isn't.

  13. .

    Just wondering… Do you need/want an Eng-Spanish translator?

  14. Xyphler

    Guys, the fuck happened to Homunculus? I have been waiting so eagerly for it. 🙁

  15. Kurupt

    to GGpx: Have you found a translator for REAL ???

  16. GGpX

    @Kurupt I might have. I found someone who told me he'd translate it for us. From what I've seen he's pretty good, but until I get a first script, we'll see. A lot of "translators" have applied, but never ended up translating anything. So who knows, we'll see. If the guy sends me a chapter, then I'll know he's legit.

  17. Kurupt

    @GGpX Thanks for the info.

  18. Punky Brewster

    Sad about no translator for Wolf Guy. Wonder if the team who does Wolf Guy/Samon/Akumetsu will ever come up with a series that doesn't end tragically, and until we see the end of WG we won't know. :tongue:

  19. mystickerzzz

    You think you guys could find a translator for Blazer Drive and just go ahead and finish up the remaining chapters? I've just been dying to get some closure for that manga. I believe there are only 7 chapters remaining.

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