We’re in the first grade now

Happy birthday Illuminati-Manga. We’re six years old now and that makes us old enough to be in the first grade now!

Oh, speaking of the first grade… I had a rant a few days ago. If you know me and know what I’m about, then, well, enjoy.

.:22·02·35:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Man. I had to do this “Exam” today at work.
.:22·02·42:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Biggest fucking bullshit I’ve ever seen.
.:22·03·09:. «!GGpX-Sleep» it’s like they take a test, build it like it was catered to fucking six year olds, give it to grown men & women and tell ’em, take this shit seriously.
.:22·03·33:. «@Kuthrow» lol
.:22·03·52:. «!GGpX-Sleep» It’s an internet test where you need to read about your workplace environment
.:22·04·02:. «!GGpX-Sleep» then write the test
.:22·04·28:. «!GGpX-Sleep» reading about your workplace environment, you’re given a sort of guide through a maze of cartoon characters
.:22·04·48:. «!GGpX-Sleep» that were all poorly drawn and look all sketchy & geeky as fuck
.:22·05·10:. «!GGpX-Sleep» all the while you’re thinking, someone was seriously paid to do this? And write this up? With tax money?
.:22·05·13:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Fuuuuuuuck you.
.:22·05·27:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Then comes to test, I barely read anything because I’m thinking about how fucking awful the whole thing is
.:22·05·43:. «!GGpX-Sleep» and it isn’t even a god damn test, it’s a survey asking how you liked reading through the “guide”
.:22·05·48:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
.:22·05·50:. «@Kuthrow» lol
.:22·06·17:. «!GGpX-Sleep» You make me waste 2 & a half fucking hours on this fucking thing and you’re not even gonna test me on it? You’re just gonna ask me my fucking opinion? You cocksuckers?
.:22·07·00:. «!GGpX-Sleep» And the worst thing about this “exam”? They ask you questions about so and so, then they want you to grade it. 1 being shit basically, and 5 being great.
.:22·07·14:. «!GGpX-Sleep» then they follow it up with a “Comments” box right under it.
.:22·07·24:. «!GGpX-Sleep» There’s 50 questions.
.:22·07·37:. «!GGpX-Sleep» So I figure, the comments are optional, if you want to add something.
.:22·07·51:. «!GGpX-Sleep» So I answer all 50 questions, press confirm
.:22·08·06:. «!GGpX-Sleep» and it tells me the form is “incomplete, fields missing”
.:22·08·15:. «!GGpX-Sleep» And the comment boxes were all flagged.
.:22·08·26:. «!GGpX-Sleep» I have to comment about how shitty this thing was.
.:22·08·34:. «!GGpX-Sleep» God damn, what a motherfucking pain in the ass.
.:22·09·26:. «!GGpX-Sleep» /rant
.:22·10·21:. «!GGpX-Sleep» I feel better already.

While I was writing this post, the doorbell rang and I got my order from amazon.ca – A bunch of manga I had ordered a few days ago + a Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar that my uncle wanted for Christmas. Seriously, that’s what he wanted for Christmas.

So yeah, it’s been a glorious day so far. So now for the releases. Today we’re releasing a total of 53 chapters of various series.

That’s almost like a mini Christmas release, cocksucker.

A big, big thank you to xyz85-mvb9 who’s going through some tough times these days for a lot of the work he’s done on these releases. He did a big chunk of the work to make sure we could get a lot of this out. So if you see him on IRC, please thank him. Don’t thank me, thank him.

A La Carte ch3 (!ALC 3) – The third chapter from the À LA Carte volume. There’s one chapter left, but we don’t have a translation for it. I don’t know how long it’ll be until it’s released – if it’s released.

Boku to Issho 41-49 (End) (!Boku04) – Good news, 9 new chapters of Boku to Issho! The bad news, it’s the end of the series. Easily the funniest series we’ve ever done. Many, many laugh out loud silly moments. This was a real fun series. Big time thank you to BindeR for typesetting the series & Molokidan for having translated it moons ago.

DoLL ch12 (!DoLL12) – Thanks pxyxtr & arpad for their work as usual! If you want to thank them, they’re usually in #mangascreener

Heavy and Pop (!HNP) – Oneshot from Itaitashii Love.

Holyland 136-140 (!HL14 or !Holy14) – 5 chaps of Holyland! Seriously! The beginning of the final arc of the series, shit is starting to get serious! A release specifically for the ladies. Because the Latvian wants to him a ‘lil some-somethin’ on the side very desperately.

Jackals 46-47 (!Jackals46 !Jackals47) – The conclusion of volume 6 with a nice little cliff hanger.

Keyaki no Ki ch01 (!Keyaki01) – A oneshot by Jiro Taniguchi. A big thank you to eito for scanning & translating this. There’ll be more to come over time. Read it from Left to Right!

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v14-15 (!Koukou14 !Koukou15) – The conclusion of the Kiba-Kiibo fight, a big plot-twist in a way and a new challenger appears! Big thank you to xyz85-mvb9 for doing all of the editing!

Rookies ch201-205 (!Rookies21, I also made a volume pack for v20, !Rookies20) – Just read this. If you thought the Cardinals were drama whores, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. Still read it.

Sengoku 28 (!Sen28) – The war continues!

Small and Lovely (!SNL) – Oneshot from Itaitashii Love.

Suicide Island ch34 (!Island34) – How about some deer hunting?

The First Time (!TFT) – Oneshot from Itaitashii Love.

The Silent Radiance I (!Radiance1) – Oneshot from Itaitashii Love.

The Silent Radiance II (!Radiance2) – Oneshot from Itaitashii Love. Btw, big thank you to eito for all of the oneshots we’re releasing today. They’re his work.

All releases are available on the online reader, click here.

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