Three things;

1- Lukis, sorry for not replying, I’m a lazy shit. I’ll look at your PM & reply tomorrow.

2- Looking for editors & translators. Also looking for a proofreader who’s going to idle on IRC. We have a lot of stuff we’d like to wrap up over the next two months.

Also, we have relatively high standards for recruitment.

If you need a dictionary for all of the sentences you translate, you most likely won’t get accepted.

If you aren’t able to do redraws, you most likely won’t be accepted.

If you go through a text and it only takes you five minutes toproofread but you don’t notice obvious mistakes (ie, its Vs it’s; they’re vs their) then you most likely won’t be accepted.

3- I’m looking for a French proofreader for a small favor. Alors si tu viens d’un pays français et tu pourais me vérifier (et corriger) ma traduction ang -> fr d’un chapitre de 30 pages. Si un d’entre vous peux m’aider, me PMer sur IRC ou de m’envoyé un courriel. Unless the guy I contacted to proofread comes back tomorrow… .-.;

Anyway, time for a release.

A Place One Likes to Return to (!APlace) – The second chapter from us in the Itaitashii Love oneshot collection. Thank you to eito again for scanlating this.

Holyland 135 (!Holy135) – First chapter post-flashback. Fun chap.

Jackals 44-45 (!Jack44 & !Jack45) – Somewhere in Soviet Latvija, a certain Latvijan is still partying because he’s proud of himself for actually finishing these two chapters. Right, Ni3? 🙂

Rookies 199-200 (!Rook199 & !Rook200) – Geez, those Rangers sure choked harder than [insert deepthroat joke here], didn’t they? Oh right, here’s some Rookies.

Btw, for those curious, I’ve scanned Wolf Guy v11 and we’ve started working on it. I wish I had the cover done, but oh well.


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    Thumbs up if RWJ sent you here! XD FIRST COMMENT I WIN LMAO

  2. Lukis

    O I thought Suicide Island would be here too,but Holyland will make up for this tnx

  3. FraPoR

    GGpX, je peux t'aider pour le proofread en->fr si tu cherches toujours quelqu'un. Sinon, merci pour le boulot que vous faites 😉

  4. Justinijan

    Hell yeah thanks for the release !!! 🙂

  5. Lukis

    RWJ=Ray William Johnson ???

  6. John

    Thanks for holyland!! 🙂

  7. Nitouryu

    OH MAAAAN! I'm so sober right now!

  8. Mrt123

    Great, thanks!! Holyland rocks keep it up guys! 😀 😀

  9. LX

    Thanks for the new jackals chapters :w00t:

  10. Solanine

    Thanks. Appreciate the hard work

  11. Doomhammer Of Power

    Illuminati you're the best!!!! Thank u for all the hard work, and thank u for picking up great series and no crap. Looking forward to the wolf guy volume, and – since it's near the end – to the next Homunculus release 😉

  12. Ganner_Rhysode

    I could supply you guys with raw-scans of Shamo Vol 26 (unfortunatelly it only collects chapters up to 62), but if you want to re-do them… Is there some e-mail adress I could send the scans to, or something? XP

  13. GGpX

    @Ganner_Rhysode No need, I've already bought & scanned the volume. Thanks for the offer, though.

  14. Pimpdaddy

    @GGpX Does that mean a new shamo release coming soon?!

  15. Stafa

    Why aren't you continuing with Suicide Island? :confused:

  16. steve?

    @Pimpdaddy Didn't that guy like two posts before yours say it's only up until chapter 62? That doesn't fix the shortage of 64+ raws.

  17. GGpX

    @Stafa Since the translator is busy irl, we haven't had any translations for it. Same translator for Homunculus, btw. @Pimpdaddy Probably not, because like it was mentioned, volume 26 only has up to chapter 62. We'll be re-doing the mag chaps we do, but it's not a priority at the moment. Projects like HL, BTI, WG, Rookies, Tough are going to be focused on by our editors.

  18. Z


  19. Klo

    "I wish I had the cover done, but oh well." Comment

  20. gamuran

    :innocent: very good you're not wasting your time with Shamo, keep 'em holyland & homunculus comin'

  21. pimpdaddy

    @GGpX oh ok, i thought when you said you bought and scanned the volume, that you were meaning the next volume (64 and onwards), didn't know you were meaning for the previous volume

  22. seiho

    >Wolf Guy Hey i remember this, i stopped reading it once i found out some group working it at that time was to continue it, but with personal censors and edits for some retarded (western religious/soccermommy/blabla appeal retarded) reason. Are you guys doing it clean and untinkered ?

  23. Punky Brewster

    @seiho Yes, this version of Wolf Guy is completely uncensored and NSFW, some of the chapters even have a warning page at the beginning.

  24. xyz85-mvb9

    Those scans were censored because they were magazine scans, they are usually censored by Japan publishers. Tankobon versions aren't censored, anyways.

  25. el

    hmm two days till illuminati birthday right? I can't wait for some reason oO

  26. Peace Walker

    Yes! I hope they release Homunculus, if they don't I'll be very sad.

  27. el

    only one day left.. :O

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