Releasing while debinding.

Use your own interpretation of the title used.

I know I am!

À La Carte 2 (!ALC2) – Our last release of À La Carte was 02/21/10. Literally, a year & a half ago. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have an editor willing to work on it. That said, big thank you to xyz85-mvb9 for editing it & blobsndrees for typesetting it. When will chapter 3 come out? Well, if it’s up to me, at some point this year, but who knows. We’ll see.

Holyland 132-134 (!Holy132 – !Holy134) – This concludes the flashback arc. Chapter 135+ will continue with the final arc of the series.

Rookies 198 (!Rook198) – It’s getting tighter and tighter…

Also, Wolf Guy Volume 11 just went for sale today (the 20th in Japan). I asked someone I knew to buy it & ship it to me, so odds are we’ll have it done around December.

Next release should be this weekend.

14 Thoughts to “Releasing while debinding.”

  1. Unknown

    yay :w00t: thanks for release

  2. Peace Walker

    What's up with the (lack of) ponies? (Thought you guys were batshit about it)

  3. holying

    Thanks for your effor.

  4. GGpX

    @Peace Walker Only a certain Russian. He also happens to be the lazy-ass webmaster. Yeah, I\’m talking about you, Russian. Whacha gonna do about iiiiiit!?

  5. Justinijan

    Thanks for the release !!!

  6. Justinijan

    Damn . I read it so fast . . Finaly after izawa`s story i guess we ll be seeing kamschiro :/

  7. randomname

    Awesome! Thanks for both Holyland and Rookies. Good quality too, as expected from Illuminati 😉 I didn't think that I would like the flashback arc, but it's really great. Which reminds me of Suicide Island from the same mangaka, that's even more focused on character development… What's going on with that series? In any case, keep it up… those releases are MUCH appreciated! Again, thank you.

  8. Justinijan

    Well now kamschiro will be going after Shougo and there will be soome more action vs Karate-ka (Unknown char)

  9. Peace Walker

    @GGpX Hey, if a Lazy Russian can be a webmaster, I can be one too. Why can't I master the web here?!

  10. Nitouryu

    In Russia web masters you. Suicide island will be coming soon.

  11. Lukis

    Oh Suicide Island soon..yay Let the Man Hunt begin!

  12. Navel

    Thank you comrade!

  13. hurf

    thanks for the releases!

  14. Punky Brewster

    Yeah can't wait for Wolf Guy! Thanks for the releases!

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